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ANGEL CHEN has been showing on the official Milan Fashion Week calendar since 2017 and has successfully launched various crossover collaborations with premier brands such as H&M, adidas Originals, M.A.C, McDonald's, Canada Goose... enhancing its popularity and recognition among consumers worldwide.

Stocked at more than 100 international retailers - including Lane Crawford, NET-A-PORTER, Galeries Lafayette, Selfridges, Luisa Via Roma and Urban Outfitters - ANGEL CHEN is part of a new wave of young Chinese Brands making an impact globally.
The term “Dragon Lady”, inspired by the roles played by the actress Anna May Wong, is a double-edged sword. This stereotype, inherent in Wong’s powerful and domineering answer to adversity, went on to become, somehow, derogatory. As the first Chinese American Hollywood actress, Wong struggled to free herself from the stereotypes the world projected on her. It earned her the nickname of Dragon Lady but allowed generations of Asian women after her to rise: They are the Daughters of the Dragon.
At a time where Asians, and specifically Asian women, have been the target of heinous attacks, representation, and empowering the Asian community through its own culture, matters. With her Fall/Winter 2021 collection, ANGEL CHEN pays homage to one that paved the way and celebrates her champions. 
ANGEL CHEN, playing with this antinomy, celebrates Anna May’s strengths: her career with prints reminiscent of classic black and white movie imagery (more specifically from the movie “Daughter of the Dragon”), her seductive beauty with PU leather and her fighting nature with denim undergone tinting, laser fading, washing, and aging. All the while spotlighting the tenderness she allowed her successors to express with mesmerizing mohair, wool, angora mixed yarn, hand crochet and tie-dyes in a color palette of pinks, yellows, powder blues and light purples. Using more antinomic layers, and with the use of an exclusively developed Ikat fabric, Angel Chen tells a story of tenderness fighting its way through harshness.  
Angel Chen has made a name for herself by fusing East and West, depth and lightness, audacious and demure. Her latest collection celebrates a woman’s ability to turn strength and tenderness into complimentary weapons.