Angel Chen graduated from Central Saint Martin in 2014 with a debut collection entitled “Les Noces”. She was featured in Vogue Magazine, chosen by i-D as one of five designers-to-watch and won Fashion Scout’s “Ones to Watch” that same year, driving her to launch her eponymous label.

In 2016, Chen was listed on Forbes’ "30 under 30", and in 2017, she was included in the prestigious BoF 500 list. In 2018, ANGEL CHEN was shortlisted among the finalists for the International Woolmark Prize. In 2020, Angel participated in Netflix’s “Next in Fashion”, an extraordinary opportunity to represent her country. She made it to the top 4 with her unique style and highly skilled techniques.

Over the past 7 years, Angel Chen has positioned herself as a notable representative figure for a global and exciting new generation of Chinese designers. She proudly leads the way.
Angel Chen has made a name for herself by fusing East and West. She never shies from unusual collaborations to represent and empower the Asian community through its own culture. With its Spring/Summer 2022, ANGEL CHEN collaborates with artist Amey Sali and dancers Ma Xiaolong and Zhang Yashu. Amey Sali is an Indian Shanghai based new age artist known for his expressive use of colors and visual work with lights and shadows. Dancers Ma Xiaolong and Zhang Yashu bring an interpretative and imaginative performance to a grand runway show that pays homage to classical martial arts movies. 
ANGEL CHEN’s colorful approach to fashion has become a trademark. The same way Angel expertly manipulates color, she instinctively and naturally inserts Amey’s artistry in the collection. The artwork is converted on fabric through marble painting, inkjet painting, colored painting and spin art. 
The result is an impactful display of cultural vitality. ANGEL CHEN’s signatures – Chinese calligraphy, traditional embroidery and tie-dye - find stamina against Sali’s works as Angel experiments with splash ink and ink jet. In a color palette made of maple orange, bamboo green, sand yellow and sapphire blue, ANGEL CHEN emphasizes her modern take on the visual language of classical martial arts movies. 
Through her fashion work, ANGEL CHEN strives to vividly present a modern oriental spirit and attitude that is rooted in traditional culture. A present force strong in its history. 
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