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CALVINLUO likes to spin temporal references. His collections have explored the sub-cultures of ‘50s-era Americana, the dazzling ‘70s, a “Virgin Suicides”-tainted ‘90s suburban America, women spies of the Second World War, and most recently, for the first show in the city of lights, an ode to Paris which spanned from the ‘40s to the ‘90s. From these time vignettes always emerges a strong and focused story, which has helped to position himself in the foreground of a global fashion scene.

Calvin Luo is also the founder of Rouge Fashion Book, China’s first independent fashion and art magazine.
For its first free-standing menswear collection CALVINLUO imagined a dystopian near-future where social order challenges convention through exploring ambiguity. Using postmodernist architect Frank Gehry as a style reference, the collection was built using his signature architectural Rubik’s cube esthetic to pay tribute to classic workwear while simultaneously infusing contemporary elements.

The uniform style portents to a grim and alarming dystopian future while juxtaposed with fanciful touches beckons halcyon days.

The collection’s esquisse draws rational and rigorous lines to mimic skyscrapers. Several items are permeated with architectural geometric elements to make it both functional and give a lattice texture. CALVINLUO salutes classic menswear, precise and timeless, while applying visual effects to the pattern of polygonal planes, sloping structures, and multiple forms of heteromeric symbiosis to enhance the three-dimensional feel of the garment.

CALVINLUO eclectic approach creates an ambiguous image by blurring boundaries; the glitter stones on denim jackets are like stars twinkling in the night. The combination of classic and contemporary elements forges a fashion that is not afraid of trends, can stand up to scrutiny, and be consistent with daily needs. Just like architecture, it can adapt to changing times.

In the CALVINLUO dystopian near-future, much like reverie conceals itself in steel buildings, rebellion and impulse find their way into daily wear to seek an era of ultimate fantasy – The Land Of Liberty.
LOOKS (Collection not available in NYC) BIO COLLECTION LOOKBOOK FW20