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CALVINLUO likes to spin temporal references. His collections have explored the sub-cultures of ‘50s-era Americana, the dazzling ‘70s, a “Virgin Suicides”-tainted ‘90s suburban America, women spies of the Second World War, and most recently, for the first show in the city of lights, an ode to Paris which spanned from the ‘40s to the ‘90s. From these time vignettes always emerges a strong and focused story, which has helped to position himself in the foreground of a global fashion scene.

Calvin Luo is also the founder of Rouge Fashion Book, China’s first independent fashion and art magazine.
For Fall/Winter 2020, CALVINLUO presents a diverse series based on a conversation with 10 women representing modern traditionalism and diversity.

Calvin has always drawn inspiration from strong women. For this collection he observed how they juggle modernization with individual factors of change and social environment. Redefining the classic woman’s wardrobe, Luo’s free and somewhat arbitrary expression is one of intemporal modern unity and strength in diversity.

The series combined intricate silhouettes with a focused and quiet color palette to spotlight the body’s individuality. Luo injected exquisite craftsmanship in the details. Sophisticated hand-knitting and sewing techniques are combined with denim and leather while he played “trompe l’oeil” with knitted sweaters mimicking twin sets and knotted tops. Tracing the braided adornment through collection depicts unity through togetherness, hand in hand.

Calvin Luo juggles new standards to tell the stories of diverse, free and unrestrained women. True to CALVINLUO’s narrative, the collection concentrates on HER plan, HER identity, HER style and HER secrets but this time adds a message of unity. Unity through diversity. Unity to move forward.
LOOKS (Collection not available in NYC) BIO COLLECTION LOOKBOOK FW20