01 CLOSE 02 CLOSE 03 CLOSE 04 CLOSE 05 CLOSE 06 CLOSE 07 CLOSE 08 CLOSE 09 CLOSE 09 10 CLOSE 11 CLOSE 12 CLOSE 13 CLOSE 14 CLOSE 15 CLOSE 16 CLOSE 17 CLOSE 18 CLOSE 19 CLOSE 20 CLOSE 21 CLOSE 22 CLOSE 23 CLOSE 24 CLOSE 25 CLOSE 26 CLOSE 27 CLOSE 28 CLOSE 29 CLOSE 30 CLOSE 31 CLOSE 32 CLOSE 33 CLOSE 34 CLOSE 35 CLOSE 36 CLOSE 37 CLOSE 38 CLOSE Much like the New Look in the late 1940s emphasized “aesthetic over function” of the popular fashions of wartime, Streetwear in the 1990s was highly influenced by American sport and music culture as the riposte to the formalwear preceding it.

Fashion is known to gyrate between reaction and over-compensation, and many are observed scoping the cultural underground for streetwear’s antithesis. While the big houses replicate with the rise of classical tailoring, Dirty Pineapple would like to offer a more nuanced narrative.

Rooted in city life, Dirty Pineapple mixes cultural references and finds its place between tradition, modernity and surrealism to offer a not so “black and white” story; one where attitude does not come from rigidity, where a suit does not necessarily need a tie, where class does not equal classicism - a new raw luxury experience.

The odd and twisted visual vocabulary of Dirty Pineapple is one of color combinations, gender contrast and vintage styling producing a tableau of chaotic strokes reflecting both the realities of city life and individual proclivities in digital.

Against this as backdrop, Dirty Pineapple uses the romance of fashion to tell stories of self-expression. Each collection will speak to a new chapter.
Running as fast as you can

Since his “go-big-or-go-home” first Paris show in June 2019, Colm has not stopped running, and he has been running fast. His show in New York demonstrated that creation can exist without making more; proving that fashion should be radically democratized to keep its market relevance. He created a series of short films for Jägermeister and collaborated with Puma on a full capsule collection to be released in August 2020… And yet he cannot really remember when he last sprinted.

Thus begins the starting point to this collection and show. On a day to day basis people aren’t running as fast as they can, and some people live their lives without ever taking a sprint. While there is a lot to say about finding one’s own rhythm in a fast running world, KidSuper seems to have found its pace at full speed, and is planning on sprinting from now on.