The New Street

Fashion is known to gyrate between reaction and over-compensation, and many are observed scoping the cultural underground for streetwear’s antithesis. While the big houses replicate with the rise of classical tailoring, Dirty Pineapple would like to offer a more nuanced narrative.

Dirty Pineapple is a creative collective based in Shanghai. It uses the romance of fashion to tell stories of self-expression. Each collection speaks to a new chapter.

Rooted in city life, Dirty Pineapple mixes cultural references and finds its place between tradition, modernity and surrealism to offer a not so “black and white” story; one where attitude does not come from rigidity, where a suit does not necessarily need a tie, where class does not equal classicism - a new raw luxury experience.

The odd and twisted visual vocabulary of Dirty Pineapple is one of color combinations, gender contrast and vintage styling producing a tableau of chaotic strokes reflecting both the realities of city life and individual proclivities in digital.
Dirty Pineapple is deeply rooted in city life. Their stories are often a synthesis of the realities of urban life and the individual proclivities expressed in digital. And when entire populations rediscovered the attraction of nature as an antidote to recent anxieties, the team at Dirty Pineapple observed two movements: one where on the weekends, city dwellers flock to nature in an attempt to escape toxicity and reconnect, and another, during the week, where flexible work schedules allow nature to insert itself back into our city life giving us comfort and a flicker of freedom. 
This season Dirty Pineapple brings a “dose of nature” into their usual fare of murkiness. It contrasts the toxic moods intrinsic to our personalities (set, models, hair & make-up) and the city (grey and orange concrete on denim, toxic purple on denim) against the exotic virtues of nature (an exclusive snake print, rain drops graphics, rabbit graphics) in search of a subtle balance. 
We are learning how to pause, to extract ourselves from our hectic city lifestyle and consequently we rethink how we approach fashion. And while all of the Dirty Pineapple classics are here (soft tailoring, heavy graphic, odd and twisted pairings) it presents a softer Spring/Summer 2022 collection, reflecting a new found solace. 
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