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More often than not, creation begins with imperfect ideas cobbled together by equally imperfect co-conspirators willing to take a chance on imperfection. Great ideas – ideas that take a decade to be noticed – are often imperfect. We must learn to accept imperfection.

IMPERFECTION was born from the desire to create a long-lasting narrative supported by the alignment of technology, philosophy, art and culture.

Pop Culture and technology have recently come under the same criticisms. Predominantly, the focus of innovation on diversion rather than “solving the world’s big problems” and promoting self-absorption activities. IMPERFECTION touts a more optimistic outcome; one where both pop culture and technology can be used to enhance society and inspire the next generation to re-discover the classics.

IMPERFECTION cements the experience and add traceability using dedicated technology. Collectable pieces feature a digital chip which simultaneously validates the authenticity of a garment, while directing us to a referential text.
Based on the movie The Godfather, the IMPERFECTION Fall/Winter 2020 collection portrays an intimate view on the Godfather’s lead characters to open a conversation on philosophy and art, particularly patriarchal influences, referencing the works of Louise Bourgeois and Friedrich Nietzsche.

With a collection presented in 4 books:

1. The Book of Childhood
2. The Book of The Rise
3. The Book of The Reign
4. The Book of The Fall

IMPERFECTION find synergies between The Godfather and the works of Louise Bourgeois and Friedrich Nietzsche.