01 CLOSE CLOSE 02 CLOSE 03 CLOSE 04 CLOSE 05 CLOSE 06 CLOSE 07 CLOSE 08 CLOSE 09 CLOSE 10 CLOSE 11 CLOSE 12 CLOSE 13 CLOSE 14 CLOSE 15 CLOSE 16 CLOSE 17 CLOSE 18 CLOSE 19 CLOSE 20 CLOSE 21 CLOSE 22 CLOSE 23 CLOSE 24 CLOSE 25 CLOSE 26 CLOSE 27 CLOSE 28 CLOSE 29 CLOSE 30 CLOSE 31 CLOSE 32 CLOSE 33 CLOSE 34 Colm’s strength lies in his intuitive need to conceive. He uses KIDSUPER as a platform to express his innate creativity. From collaborations to commercial achievements, KIDSUPER has had great successes and has become a reference in the New York streetwear scene. Its innovative and instinctive interaction with its followers has proven to be a disruptive and efficient model.

KIDSUPER is proud to dress EVERYONE, including J Balvin, Young Thug, Shawn Mendes, Khalid, Kehlani, Mahershala Ali, Bad Bunny and Steve Aoki.
A Bull in A China Shop

Colm Dillane looked at his Spanish roots when building this collection. The EYESIGHT produced and Bloody Osiris styled show presented a streetwear meets matador collection in a set reminding of bull fighting ring. A Bull in A China Shop perfectly represents KIDSUPER and its burst into the fashion world. There is no conventional plan or strategy but only an un uncompromising desire to create.