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Creatives have always used nature’s beauty as a core reference. While the industry at large has been questioning its impact on nature, nature’s own impact on fashion is harder to define. As our relationship to nature evolves, will it impact how we curate and bring collections to market?  
MARKGONG’s retort is collections that explore the impact nature can, and should have, on fashion, women, and the commercialization of their relationship. These intricate stories always promote a confidently balanced woman, ever showing Mark’s love for (her) nature.  
2021 is a transitional year for Mark Gong. After living in the US since a teenager, at 23 years old and at its 5th MARKGONG collection, Mark decided to move back to Shanghai to settle and anchor his business.   
A departure from his previous 5 projects, Chapter 6 combines a celebration of the past with a transition to the new. MARKGONG presents a Fall/Winter 2021 Collection dedicated to re-exploring design elements from previous works and maturing them into novel codes. 
Like Mark himself, the Gong Girl is maturing. Over the past five seasons, she has camped in the wilderness, lived in historical picture frames and reflectively walked the streets of New York. Rich in these experiences, she is coming of age, confidently balanced.  
Balancing the explorative nature of his previous collections, this season is a transitional affirmation of the brand’s codes. Hiking boots, familiar cut out details and our relation to nature, nods to past references. In a comfortable play on polarity, natural and soft materials – cashmere, suede, leather – co-exist with bold tailoring and affirmative cuts. Neutral and re-assuring colors – grey, taupe, beige – coincide with warm and fiery yellows, oranges and reds. A collection highlight - Dresses and skirts made of handstitched individual panels or organic fabrics - affirms past experiences coming together create a balanced entity.    
This collection shows Mark maturing and his voice finding clarity when he tells the metamorphic story of a playful adult, a sexy but unprovocative, serene but not serious young woman. Confident in her new skin, she is ready to conquer the next Chapter of her life.