01 CLOSE 02 CLOSE 03 CLOSE 04 CLOSE 05 CLOSE 06 CLOSE 07 CLOSE 08 CLOSE 09 CLOSE 10 CLOSE 11 CLOSE 12 CLOSE 13 CLOSE Mercy X Mankind is a collection by designer Isaac Saqib.

Isaac is Pakistani-American who grew up in New York City. His collection is a reflection of the exceptional multi-culturalism NYC offers; a place to converse on the unity of mankind through beliefs, struggle, love and empathy.

Isaac embodies New York and MXM is built upon its principles: Exhilarating, diverse, expressive, humbling, evolving, challenging and unforgettable.

With the help of an intimate team of individuals that complement him — dynamic, inclusive, inventive, artistic and yearning for freedom – Saqib’s MXM’s collections explore human emotions and assert the power of understanding others through Mercy.

All MXM garments and accessories are made in Brooklyn, with the exception of the leather goods which Saqib insists be artisanally sourced in his mother country of Pakistan.
Francisco Goya developed an embittered attitude to mankind towards the end of his life. He went into isolation which led to panic, terror and fear reflected in his works of dark and disturbing themes; The Black Paintings. These portrayals on intense, haunting themes are reflective of both his fears and his bleak outlook on the mercy of humanity. Goya meant for his black paintings to never leave his home; it is likely that the artist never intended the works to be seen.

MXM’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection reflects on this peril; the effects of isolation on the creation of dark thoughts. What if Goya had not self-isolated? If he had trusted to exorcize his fears to a merciful audience?

Through this collection, Isaac transmutes his fears. He wears his demons and displays them in front of a merciful audience. Unlike Goya he exhibits the Black Paintings. A pair of pants becomes his gallery – the series is printed and paraded for all to see. Silk garments are a canvass for “Saturn devores his son”. Poems are embroidered for all to read.

Such a display enables relief from the controlling power of fear and gives the power to heal; it asserts the power of understanding of others through Mercy.