Advisory Board Crystals (also known as Abc.) was founded by the duo and couple Heather Haber and Remington Guest.  
Heather holds a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design, Remington honed his skills alongside Scott Sternberg, and while they both worked for the original Band of Outsiders, they only met some years later sharing an Uber Pool in LA. They launched Abc. in 2015. 

The Abc. studio is based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, with a satellite office in New York City. It started as a love story and morphed into an experimental brand with a focus on clothing, accessories, and unique and conceptual projects. Their collections - often rooted in themes such as in the intersection of art and science, critical thinking, California, and the power of crystals – are divided within what they call the “The Abc. Universe”: a core-focused offering called “Abc. 123.”, a denim offering called “Abcd.”, and dedicated collaborative capsule collections. 
Advisory Board Crystals works with all the top retailers globally while also continuously working on special collective projects with art institutions and artists such as The Whitney Museum, the K11 Art Foundation in Hong Kong, Olafur Eliasson, Ai Wei Wei, Elliot Hundley, Jonas Wood, Michael Chow, Alex Israel, Ivory Serra, Kenny Scharf, and the Andy Warhol Foundation. Ongoing partnerships include the IRC, the Wikimedia foundation, and Marvel, to name a few. They also have an upcoming project with the NBA scheduled for the Fall.
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