Calvin Luo founded his eponymous label in 2014 following a two year study at Parsons in New York City.

The label has predominantly shown womenswear collections epitomized by the blurring of boundaries separating menswear and womenswear. Calvin Luo launched his first stand-alone menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2019.

Luo likes to put a spin on a temporal reference. His collections have explored the subcultures of ‘50s-era Americana, the dazzling ‘70s and a “Virgin Suicides” tainted ‘90s suburban America. From these time vignettes always emerges a strong and focused story, which has helped to position himself in the foreground of the new and exciting Shanghai fashion scene.

Calvin Luo is also the founder of Rouge Fashion Book, China’s first independent fashion and art magazine.

Focusing on 1950s rebel subculture, where anti conformism is fueled with feminism and allure, Luo mixes Edwardian dandy with American rock’n roll, his woman wears heirloom jewelry disobediently, dresses in fur (faux) and satin effortlessly and without a care.
Calvin Luo looked at American abstract artist Brice Marden when developing his textures and colors. Marden’s experience of moving beyond original minimalism to abstract drove Luo to mix classism and innovation balancing royal blue and deep red cashmeres with soft grey and yellow silk and stitched jacquards.
The Whitney Museum, designed by architect Renzo Piano, offers a minimalistic set for Luo’s warm collection. The glass space, fully dressed in warm burgundy, draws parallels with Marden’s monochrome paintings, featured in the museum’s permanent collection.