Calvin Luo founded his eponymous label in 2014 following a two year study at Parsons in New York City.The label has predominantly shown womenswear collections epitomized by the blurring of boundaries separating menswear and womenswear. Calvin Luo launched his first stand-alone menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2019.

Luo likes to put a spin on a temporal reference. His collections have explored the subcultures of ‘50s-era Americana, the dazzling ‘70s and a “Virgin Suicides” tainted ‘90s suburban America. From these time vignettes always emerges a strong and focused story, which has helped to position himself in the foreground of the new and exciting Shanghai fashion scene.

Calvin Luo is also the founder of Rouge Fashion Book, China’s first independent fashion and art magazine.

PARIS – Chinese designer Calvin Luo has chosen Paris’ Menswear Fashion Week to showcase his first standalone menswear collection, for Spring/Summer 2019.

Believing it impossible to create desirable, intricate menswear through standardized, monotone designs, Luo looked for inspiration to the Seventies – a time with flair, daring and a fair share of iconic designs.

Often derided as the “relentlessly tasteless decade,” the 1970s nonetheless left a lasting imprint in contemporary culture. Its impact in fashion, design, music or decoration cannot be ignored. Today’s “pursuit of diversity,” epitomized by the blurring of boundaries separating menswear and womenswear, might be the best way to explain our yearning to dust off that decade’s aesthetics.

Sitting at the crossroad of different eras, the Seventies became a bubbling font in which sub-currents and new ideas flowed together into the mainstream public sphere. Here met the tail-end of the “Peacock Revolution” of the Sixties, the anti-fashion experimentation of Glam Rock and the dazzling rise of Disco and its club culture.

In Calvin Luo’s hands, that seminal decade takes a distinctly modernist gentlemen’s look. His deconstructed bell-bottoms, vibrant color prints, jeans or tight knitwear recapture their wearability for the here and now.

Textiles too continue to express the timeframe’s quest for heritage and future-proofing, in a wide panel of materials like Italian combed temperature-control wool, perennial summer-favorite puckered cotton seersucker, or natural dyed lightweight stretch denim.

To showcase his vision for his first ever menswear campaign, Calvin Luo has called upon his “dream team”: renowned New York photographer Cass Bird; stylist Michael Philouze, Menswear Editor of Vogue US’; Dylan Brosnan, son of the Hollywood icon Pierce Brosnan; Jackson Wakefield, son of esteemed stylist Camilla Wakefield and curator Neville Wakefield; Arsun Sorrenti, son of distinguished fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti; and top model Naleye Junior. All come together in a portrait of a confident new generation.