01 X X 02 03 X 04 X 05 X 06 X 07 X 08 X 09 X 10 X 11 X 12 X 13 X 14 X 15 X 16 X 17 X X 18 X 19 X 20 X 21 X 22 X 23 X 24 X 25 X 26 X 27 Born in Taiwan, C.T. Liu studied film before graduating from Shin Chien university in Taipei with a degree in Fashion Design.

His two prior stints at design garnered many accolades and awards (Ten Most Successful Brand in Asia, Most Potential Asian Designer, The Best Innovation Design of Shanghai Fashion Week). In 2018, C.T launched CPLUS SERIES with a debut runway at New York Fashion Week.

C CPLUS SERIES perseveres with the aesthetic of pragmatism - exploring concepts of simplicity while dissecting the quality of each and every item, adding the “plus” to Liu’s design approach. The brand celebrates unconventional beauty, graceful self-appreciation, with a little irreverence to tradition by its unorthodox methods: innovative fabric development, experimental cutting and use of materials, imaginative pattern deconstruction.

CPLUS SERIES collections are urban and modernist while poetic and abstract; each piece standing strong with its own singular story.
There is a universal desire to control time, whether by going back to the past or by prophesying to the future. However, time is bounded by its own laws.

Set in a future where time is uncertain, illusion abounds reflecting past and future in equal measure. Beauty is polymorphic, its standards defined by chance and accident. Are classical and dignified paradigms, once the standard, still the reference? Is symmetry still the defining parameter of beauty? Or is beauty something that now happens by accident, breaking through unpredictably. No longer a dogma, beauty has morphed into the incidental. 

With its CPLUS SERIES Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, C.T. Liu unpredictably blends denim, prints, retro and sci-fi references to expose beauty as a poetic and abstract allegory.

accessories and a statement coat; peeping through is signature Teddy Vonranson - double face cashmere outerwear, embossed lamb skin bomber and shorts, rich suedes and exotic linen blends.

With these novel whimsical moments, the collection feels energizing and joyful. Teddy makes an emotional statement of optimism; one he believes men are aching for.
In 2012, the Seattle Art Museum displayed about 60 works by Gauguin that fully revealed the extent of the influence of Polynesian art and culture on his work. The cult exhibit was called “Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise”.