In the late 1940s The New Look brought back the spirit of haute couture; emphasizing aesthetic over the function of the popular fashions of wartime. Similarly, formalwear led to the rise of streetwear in the 1990s, influenced by American sport and music culture. Contemporary fashion is known to gyrate between reaction and over compensation. It is this motion, driven by personal-style mavens and the industry at large, that often results in one particular directive and all follow suit. Streetwear has fulfilled its life cycle, reached its peak, and there is a need for a new narrative.

Many have been scoping the cultural underground for streetwear’s antithesis. While the big houses replicate with the rise of classical tailoring, Dirty Pineapple would like to offer a more nuanced narrative and navigate the extremes often followed by big fashion when reacting to a tectonic shift. They looked back to its roots, to the modern urbanites that have been their focus since inception, to offer a not so black and white story. One where attitude does not come from rigidity, where a suit does not necessarily need a tie, where class does not equal classicism – a new raw luxury experience. The odd and twisted visual vocabulary of Dirty Pineapple is a mix of color combinations, gender contrast and vintage styling.

Dirty Pineapple has established itself as a messenger of forward thinking. It is looking to be the author of its own story with fashion as the chosen medium. Each collection will speak to a new chapter.

From the emotional journey lived through one or several relationships, emotional personas are born. Dirty Pineapple explores the idea that personas from past relationships are recycled through life with one’s different partners. They call it recycled love.

The vision of the recycled love concept is about objectifying yourself; the destruction of your ego just for the purpose of feeling; accepting the different roles and experiences in the performance of loving; the good and the bad reprocessed to generate a “new” you.

Hence we see the body print made of a collage of various body parts; fake layering print is the idea of different skins; Tie Die made out of words are the things you lose in relationships; with a smattering of the heady touch of Nude