Ji Youn Lee, 38, is the Seoul based designer behind women’s wear label Jarret.

Lee began reading literature at Sung-Shin Women’s University, which ultimately inspired her to establish herself as a designer. Her work was first recognized during her time at power house brand Enzuban where she was the designer for the women’s department.

With a quick rise in success, Lee decided to venture out on her own debuting at Seoul Fashion Week in 2010.

In 2011 Lee collaborated with pop sensation girl group Girl’s Generation that launched the platform for the Jarret label to go global. Since then Lee has gone on to participate in Concept Kora during New York Fashion Week and continues to build her strong collection of androgynous tailored pieces.

Ji Young Lee is the Seoul based designer behind the label JARRET. She originally began her career with CONCEPT KOREA before venturing out in 2009 with her own label and showing at New York Fashion Week.

Influenced by traditional Korean garments, Lee builds JARRET on the fundamentals of androgynous simplicity, focusing on luxury tailoring and an emphasis of femininity.

This season, JARRET brings femininity to a new level with inspiration from endowing Empresses and the portrayal of royal women.

Seen as majestic and superior, these unattainable Empresses, sitting high above the clouds use their appearance to portray their hidden strength. Through the colour purple, known for its relationship with royalty, it is created by the combination of the colours red and blue, those of strength and wisdom.

Much like an Empress, Lee builds her designs with the idea of having ‘more than meets the eye’. She allows the JARRET woman to construct their clothing like armor against vulnerability and sorrow, encouraging them to pursue their inner nobility.