KidSuper was created by Colm Dillane.

Although KidSuper is best known as Colm’s clothing label, he prefers to brand all of his creative ventures under this moniker. KidSuper is a creative collective that designs and makes
clothes; paints and does art shows; records music; and makes films and music videos, all out of KidSuper’s Brooklyn space.

Colm’s strength lies in his intuitive need to conceive. He uses KidSuper as a platform to
express this innate creativity. Over the past couple of years, KidSuper’s successes have made him an unexpected reference in American fashion, and his innovative and instinctive interaction with followers has proven to be a disruptive and efficient model.

Dillane firmly believes that enthusiasm is contagious, and that whatever you do, giving it the utmost enthusiasm will lead to people’s heart. “When you are little, you believe you can do anything and that everything is possible – you’re young and you’re free. KidSuper lives by that philosophy.”
The Misadventures of KidSuper

Television pilot featuring Colm Dillane’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection for KidSuper

Colm likes to tell everyone who wants to hear it the story about a New York kid who started making t-shirts and selling them out of his school cafeteria. Through trial and tribulation, the endeavor eventually became what is known today as KidSuper. What’s hidden behind the telling is the people and events that came along the way.

From a group of kids in the streets of Brooklyn, screen-printing tee-shirts, starting a cult brand, showing at Paris Fashion Week for the first time and being called by Vogue “The breakout surprise of the Paris menswear shows”; to making the Thursday Style section of the New York Times with a piece called “KidSuper Wants to Bring Back Warhol’s Factory”; to winning the special Karl Lagerfeld Prize at the LVMH Prize. Each and every single one of these accomplishments holds characters and stories essential in the world of KidSuper.

With its newest short film presented as a standalone episode of a television series called “The Misadventures of KidSuper”, Colm Dillane renders another “KidSuper-esque” folk tale about New York City and a storied glimpse at the heart and soul of KidSuper.

Protagonists include Joey Badass, Alex Goldberg, Kenneth Cash, Rabiullah Sikander, Princess Nokia, Myles Garret, Big Body Bes, Colm Dillane and a cameo appearance by Marc Jacobs.
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