Kim Mesches is an artist, designer, and stylist living in New York City. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kim started his career as Head Designer for a high-end evening wear brand. His extensive experience led him to consult for many leading brands in the industry, from design to production, to styling and creative direction.

Kim’s artistic research steered him to creating fluid cast resin sculptures that appear frozen in time. His ethereal creations immediately caught the attention from key fashion stylists who commissioned him to create one of a kind molded garments for talent such as Cardi B and Normani. From these special orders is born a full collection under his namesake: KIM MESCHES.

With resin casted fabric, Kim can fully interpret is fantasy. His creations/garments are not fashion pieces that you wear every day to the grocery stores: “these are crazy pieces of art, but I think people are starving for art.”
New York based designer Kim Mesches found himself surrounded by objects;
fabrics, materials, garments and casts from his past; haunting him and taking space in his Brooklyn studio, this material suffocation lit up the urgency for reinvention.

Janus, as the Greek god of transitions and dualities, was the ultimate muse for creative fusing of past and future, excess and order, soft and hard. No new material was bought or sourced, every part of these thirteen looks is up-cycled; the fabric from his exploratory 2013-2015 womenswear collections made new by the addition of his signature cast work. By incorporating more fabric than usual in this collection, we witness a departure from his unyielding wearable sculptures into softer silhouettes.

The blanket coat is a patchwork of previous pieces designed by Mesches revived with resin pockets. Other prints in the collection were sourced from the art work of his grandfather Arnold Mesches. Arnold’s work “Coming Attractions 2”, a graphic overpopulated cityscape is transformed into a dress, which holds its shape thanks to Mesches recycled resin bodice.

Mesches fourth collection “Janus” is the result of upcycling and repurposing these once forgotten materials; breathing a new life into the bygone. Influenced by otherworldly art and surrealism, the idea of transformation and mutation, “Janus” explores the reinvention of what’s left behind.
Classic plaid and tartans in buffalo, clan, black Stewart and mohair, collide with bright cobalt, painterly prints and ikat polka dots, all rounded by russet reds, deep pines and a blend of deep charcoals & greys. As in Kahn’s painting, Teddy’s play on saturation is surprising and endearing; allowing him to refine his approach to modern American fashion: rooted in classicism but resolutely fresh, energic and confident.

Key pieces include a relaxed suit in traditional Black Stewart with matching shirt and wool bomber. Icons are animated in rich tones of cobalt including a Melton peacoat and coordinating single breasted suit and elevated with supple leathers and suedes pieces including chore coats, fringe jackets and blazers.

The Maine inspiration re-enforces the brand’s already strong knitwear game with Nordic yoke sweaters in winter whites, oversized black and white fair isles and Teddy’s take on traditional Maine fisherman cabled sweaters in rich cashmeres with signature tones of cobalt and charcoal.

When styled and shot the collection nods to punk and the “buffalo movement” from the 90’s, circling back to Teddy’s immutable formula: American classics that capture modern American life; equally influenced by East and West Coast with strong synergies to European discernment.
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