A native New Yorker, Kim Mesches is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is an exploration of movement and flow.  
His trademark wearable sculptures freeze motion and convey a feeling of time stopped; the casts suspend soft organic flow to emulate a sense of floating. Kim’s process – rigidified and molded – is a synthesis of ethereal biotic flow and layering of texture. The anomalous creations are futuristic and dystopian yet surrealist and romantic.  
After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Design, Kim Mesches worked as Head Designer for an established high end eveningwear brand before venturing out on his own. Today, Kim successfully works as a fashion stylist while shaping his art into an innovative fashion brand. His pieces adorned the likes of Cardi B, Ashley Graham, Brooke Candy, Coi Leray, Noah Cyrus, Tommy Dorfman…
Kim Mesches’ wearable sculptures and casts are successfully morphing into an autonomous fashion collection.  
The aqueous and frozen in time creations naturally infer siren imagery. With his third instalment, Kim’s story is charged with dystopian cinematographic references that draws a correlation between his signature work and the surrealist myth of sirens. 
The collection playfully juxtaposes Kim’s penchant for cult dystopian science fiction films like Metropolis (Looks 8/9: retrofuturism), Brazil (Looks 4/5/6/7/11/13: eyeball, organic distortion, 80’s hue) and The Fifth Element (Looks 1/2/12: dystopian stage gown, uniform, breathing mask), with siren symbolisms (Looks 3/10/14/15: beautiful and dangerous, aquatic and organic, a revisited mermaid gown). 
“I wanted it to feel like futuristic cyborg mermaids on a distant underwater planet.” 
With Collection 003 for Spring/Summer 2023, Kim Mesches asserts his voice and visual language. The collection is whole – the sculptures become wearable on their own or marry exclusive garments – and his offering graduates from technical acrobatics to a mature collection.  
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