Based in Thetford Mines Quebec, KQK is a creative studio for clothes and ceramics entirely handmade by a local team of artisans; the fashion collections are a meld of classic tailoring with creative techniques, the ceramics explore the boundaries of rigidity in their nature.

Inspired by the contrast between brutalist architecture and nature romanticized, KQK’s founder and designer Karen Quirion constantly redefines her craft through the deconstruction of shapes and the experimentation of colors and material to translate emotions.

Karen Quirion graduated in fashion design at the campus Notre-Dame de Foy in Quebec before obtaining a master’s degree in fashion communication and public relations from the Istituto Europeo di design in Milan. She debuted KQK in 2012. The collections are sold online at www.kqk.ca, at the atelier in Thetford Mines, her studio annex in Montreal and at DAAD in Milano.
Bare Seduction

Karen Quirion finds brutalist architecture seductive. Brutalist buildings, characterized by minimalist constructions, favor bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design; its elegance is in exposed, unpainted, angular geometric shapes in a predominantly monochrome color palette.
The beauty of brutalist architecture often comes from its relationship to nature; from the contrast between raw, cold, and textured materials and the softness of organic matter. With her Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, Karen Quirion exposes skin through contrasting transparency and geometric shaped patterns with sequin hand-stitching, ribbon hand-pleating, ceramics, flower stitching, hand-furrowing and handcrafted thread pieces.
The collection upholds KQK’s technical prowess, circular sustainable habits, and singular handcrafted qualities but ventures into seduction: the hand-stitched sequins on tulle “draw” flower patterns on skin; the bustiers, made of hand-pleated ribbon and hand-stitched small beads, invite tactile exploration; cloud-like hand-furrowed pieces cushion the touch; slip dresses and tops made of recycled threads reveal bare skin.
Karen Quirion explores seduction via sensoriality. In a world of not-so-subtle sex appeal, Quirion offers an enigmatic approach to femininity and allurement. She affirms with confidence, without hiding behind false naivety.
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