Kritika Manchanda is a fashion artist and designer born in India and based in New York.
Her work spans across Fine Art and Textile, exploring themes of identity, space and
memory. In her artistic approach, she critically examines colonial history as relates
to the practice of dress in India. Manchanda creates works that seem to exist in a
state of altered dimension and transparency, blurring the boundaries between
physical and psychological

She was recognized with the 2018 CFDA Geoffrey Beene
Scholarship Award and was a finalist for the 2019 Gucci Design Fellowship Program.
Practice of Dress, Collection A.001 2023

‘Practice of Dress' is a personal archive of clothing. Referencing silhouettes from Manchada’s
childhood, the collection studies the interplay between body, garment and the space we inhabit. Manchanda plays with dimensionality utilizing a pressing technique involving heat and starch. The garments shift from volume into x-ray like compressions, blurring the boundaries between form and function; between body and garment. Unable to fully inhabit the garments from within, the wearer is forced into a voyeuristic observation of the work. With the aim of preservation, stripped of their immediate functionality, each piece takes you into a world of compressed evocations underpinned by meticulous technique.
Classic plaid and tartans in buffalo, clan, black Stewart and mohair, collide with bright cobalt, painterly prints and ikat polka dots, all rounded by russet reds, deep pines and a blend of deep charcoals & greys. As in Kahn’s painting, Teddy’s play on saturation is surprising and endearing; allowing him to refine his approach to modern American fashion: rooted in classicism but resolutely fresh, energic and confident.

Key pieces include a relaxed suit in traditional Black Stewart with matching shirt and wool bomber. Icons are animated in rich tones of cobalt including a Melton peacoat and coordinating single breasted suit and elevated with supple leathers and suedes pieces including chore coats, fringe jackets and blazers.

The Maine inspiration re-enforces the brand’s already strong knitwear game with Nordic yoke sweaters in winter whites, oversized black and white fair isles and Teddy’s take on traditional Maine fisherman cabled sweaters in rich cashmeres with signature tones of cobalt and charcoal.

When styled and shot the collection nods to punk and the “buffalo movement” from the 90’s, circling back to Teddy’s immutable formula: American classics that capture modern American life; equally influenced by East and West Coast with strong synergies to European discernment.
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