LÙCHEN is an enterprise of artistic ardor forged in New York City by Lu Chen and Hui Hang.Their joint endeavor embraces a profound dedication to the art of silhouettes, expertly woven through the intricate techniques of draping and deconstruction.Now, its creative tendrils found a new haven in Paris, and with each collection,LÙCHEN unveils novel structures that beckon the audience to contemplate the intimate interplay between garments, technology, and the very essence of the human form.

The brand ceaselessly explores the myriad possibilities hidden within draping and materiality, delving into the realm of deconstruction and reconstruction. Within each piece resides an enigmatic union of reason and singularity, as the structural fabrics weave tales of construction, enveloping the body in a narrative of their own.
Reminiscent of the romantic spirit, lending an air of effortless elegance, and casting aside superficial labels in favor of self-expression. Sleek contours and meticulously crafted structures serve as a canvas for the curious study of textures, a masterful juxtaposition that entwines moments of refinement with an audacious embrace of contradiction.

Among their innovative creations, the enigmatic "0000/00/00" emerges as a tribute to the genesis of new beginnings. It boldly resets time in diverse contexts, imprinting the garments with the indelible marks of temporal passage. From the dates of button production to the locations of completion, these details bear witness to the flow of life through creation.

In the eternal dance of recreation and exploration,LÙCHEN stands resilient, confident that the vivacity of their craft will be eternally attested by the passage of time itself.

Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

In the ephemeral tapestry of the LÙCHEN Autumn / Winter 2023-2024 couture collection, one discerns a reflection of the enchanting allure that unfurls its petals amidst the aftermath of an apocalyptic dawn. A profound journey unfurls, birthed from the recesses of imagination, much akin to the lunar realm.Therein lies a landscape of
stark austerity, akin to the brushstrokes of Ridley Scott's cinematic canvas.The aura, stark and captivating, constructs a stage where isolation and detachment dance hand in hand,as our intrepid survivors step foot upon this desolate new world.

With each garment, the collection embarks upon an odyssey through uncharted realms, coaxing its beholders to contemplate the very essence of fortitude and purpose within the folds of serene pandemonium. Each thread, each stitch, they conspire to bestow upon the wearer a mantle of empowerment, a means to traverse to their haven of invention. In this realm, they sculpt their own narratives, unearthing beauty in the most shadowed of instants, akin to the moon's gentle luminescence that pierces through the darkest tapestry of night.
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