LÙCHEN is an enterprise of artistic ardor forged in New York City by Lu Chen and Hui Hang. Their joint endeavor embraces a profound dedication to the art of silhouettes, expertly woven through the intricate techniques of draping and deconstruction. Now, its creative tendrils found a new haven in Paris, and with each collection, LÙCHEN unveils novel structures that beckon the audience to contemplate the intimate interplay between garments, technology, and the very essence of the human form.

The brand ceaselessly explores the myriad possibilities hidden within draping and materiality, delving into the realm of deconstruction and reconstruction. Within each piece resides an enigmatic union of reason and singularity, as the structural fabrics weave tales of construction, enveloping the body in a narrative of their own.

Reminiscent of the romantic spirit, lending an air of effortless elegance, and casting aside superficial labels in favor of self-expression. Sleek contours and meticulously crafted structures serve as a canvas for the curious study of textures, a masterful juxtaposition that entwines moments of refinement with an audacious embrace of contradiction.
Among their innovative creations, the enigmatic "0000/00/00" emerges as a tribute to the genesis of new beginnings. It boldly resets time in diverse contexts, imprinting the garments with the indelible marks of temporal passage. From the dates of button production to the locations of completion, these details bear witness to the flow of life through creation.

In the eternal dance of recreation and exploration, LÙCHEN stands resilient, confident that the vivacity of their craft will be eternally attested by the passage of time itself.
2023 Collection

What images arise when the mind turns toward its yet-to-unfold chronicles? A query that unfurls into the vast expanse of imagination, a tapestry woven with threads of countless possibilities. Such a question, inseparably tethered to the ever evolving tapestry of technology, finds its echo in the Spring/Summer 2023 assembly of LÙCHEN.

Betwixt the realms of reality and virtuality, this novel collection emerges, an assemblage of speculative musings. It contemplates the impending state of humankind as technology forges onward in tandem.Within its folds, one encounters the invitation to wander through alternate outcomes, to pry open futures long believed to have been chiseled

Romance intertwines with reason, anticipation with caution, as contradictions and juxtapositions intertwine in this array.Here, the ever-changing relationship with technology and the vistas it unfurls are reflected upon,the streets of New York City becoming a stage for these inquiries.

A surrealist spectacle takes form within the matrix of Lu Chen's visionary designs, uniting the ethereal domains of cyberspace and open air. The familiar walkways of daily life transform into a realm of unbounded potential, as the concrete jungle becomes a sanctuary for pieces that conjure unrestrained visions.

A flat plane of fabric transforms into a three-dimensional visage, masquerading as a screen. A bare signpost evolves into an emblem of suspended discourse, its message dependent on the beholder's imagination. Cascading ruffles evolve into radiant orbits, a spectrum of hues capturing the essence of amalgamation. Mundane textiles transcend their limits,assuming forms that meld present-day substance with the augured future, while design techniques meld disparate universes.

Graphic beading and structural foundations mirror the contours of UV mapping and intricate three-dimensional modeling, shaping the very human form itself. Within four-by-five rectangular motifs, the screens we navigate daily are mirrored, prompting contemplation of the impending overlap between technology and sartorial artistry. How shall these realms converge? How shall the human silhouette persist amidst the deluge of digitization?

A query touching upon the determinism of technology, a reflection upon a world seemingly familiar, and above all, apaean to the myriad "what-ifs." This assembly is an offering to the enigma, to questions that court no certitude. It is a pageant parading along the streets, and a tribute to the designer who dares to dream beyond confines.
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