A native of Tokyo, a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Misora Nakamori now resides in Paris, the base of her namesake label. Her creations and collections document her multicultural experiences as well as her personal journey.    
Misora’s roots are intrinsically Japanese (poetry of craftmanship versus technology), her creative freedom shaped by her formative years in London (the license to be eccentric), her commitment shaped by her time in Antwerp (acquainted with radical ideas and work ethic), her spirit indubitably Parisian (a slower more ingenious creation/life balance). Each layer in her personal story contributes to the foundation of her work.   
Deference to tradition guides her towards revitalizing forgotten techniques. She joins forces with artisans to create individual and multifaceted handmade pieces that capture the delicacy in what is usually discarded; what is in the shadow. Embracing what is often considered “unnecessary” she finds inspiration and brings abandoned materials, factors, and thoughts into the spotlight. She questions the construct of beauty: what you see versus what you feel versus what you know.   
Misora Nakamori is available online, at DAAD Dantone in Milan and at 51 East in Qatar.  
For her latest collection, Misora Nakamori collaborated with Taguchi Orimono, a former Kimono textile weaver from Hachioji (Tokyo region) to develop a custom fabric they call “Gisha”.  
While researching ways to lighten her preferred heavier textured fabrics, Misora and Taguchi recovered traditional techniques to create a woven lace like composition that gives a special texture to the surface of the fabric. The beauty of “Gisha” is enhanced when hit by sunlight; it is subtle yet elegant and gains character with time and wear. 
“Gisha” was the starting point for her exploratory Fall/Winter 2022 Collection. Misora deploys variations in her study with coats, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts & an overall, and revisits staples from her previous offerings: her discernible inside-out raw jacquard, logoed bodysuits and leggings, leather & paint works. 
Rather than creative splits, Misora Nakamori dotes on research, and she is happy with letting it define her voice...for now. 
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