Originally from Wenzhou/Zhejiang – CHINA, Shi Chang founded NOSENSE in 2017 after studying at PARSONS in New York.
His graduation collection earned him great applause and a nomination for Parsons Menswear Designer of the year in 2016. His singular creative narrative around babyhood, paralleled in an impressive execution, resulted in his collection being exhibited at Saks Fifth Avenue and published in leading publications in the US.
Chang picked Hangzhou – CHINA to launch his label and open is his first store. NOSENSE collections have since received considerable media coverage and gained great popularity with Chinese celebrities.

When embarking on my design process I get bombarded by an inordinate amount of unwanted obsessive intrusive thoughts. So much so that I find myself incapable of making progress.
My thoughts are gripping, incessant, and utterly bizarre, with no discrimination as to any particular theme or topic matter. The obsession to achieve perfection translates into the inability to achieve the smallest of tasks.
I am tormented when I project to the final product; do not know how to face these odd concerns so I find myself playing with fabric and cuts. And then, somehow, I start enjoying this – making art from within the by-product of the creative process.
I learn to take things one second, one minute, and one moment at a time. I essentially bank in nano seconds. A lot can happen in an hour, so I focused on transmuting obsession into creation.

The resulting collection includes a large array of prints and construction details such as repeated hand-washed prints, uneven fabric hot treatments, squat pocket design and misplaced grid details.