Chic, contemporary, pearl jewelry for the modern woman.
At its core, that’s the mission driving the PEARLONA brand forward. Couple that with minimalist design, luxe gemstones, and unconventional materials, and PEARLONA truly is a brand that stands out amongst a sea of many.
Based out of Shanghai and New York, PEARLONA designs are inspired by the feminine beauty of a pearl. As one of the few gemstones that we can find organically in nature, the soft luster of a pearl embodies femininity, rarity, and organic beauty. These three principles are all characteristics that define the essence of PEARLONA.
Even the name “PEARL-ONA” embodies the beauty of a pearl. The meaning of the suffix, “ona”, in Polish, means “she,” giving PEARLONA a specific character and personality, full of feminine beauty.
Beyond just the surface beauty, though, PEARLONA jewelry is also specifically designed to be accessible for the everyday woman. PEARLONA is chic, yet wearable. PEARLONA is feminine, yet full to the brim with style. PEARLONA truly is for the woman who seeks everyday styles, with a luxe feel. A rarity in the jewelry industry that PEARLONA seeks to fill.
Of course, though, PEARLONA is nothing without its attention to detail. Each PEARLONA piece is handmade by mother-daughter duo, Wenxi and Grace, using a process of careful steps, with each design decision being highly intentional. Even the pearls themselves are intentionally sourced from pearl farms in China, Japan, Tahiti and South Sea. PEARLONA has certainly spared no detail.
There’s just no questioning it: PEARLONA is the ultimate destination for a carefully curated selection of modern, luxe, pearl jewelry.

The Shape of Water:
Inspired by the Academy Award winning movie, The Shape of Water, mother-daughter design duo, Grace and Wenxi, release their first collaborative collection as an homage both to the film, but also to their mutual love for water.
Fascinated by the free-flowing nature of water, Grace and Wenxi aimed to infuse this collection both with a sense of sexiness and melancholy. To do so, they took slow motion videos of water dripping, sketching the drips, and translating the results into their designs. The hope was for this collection to feel as organic and true to nature as possible, while also conveying that sensual, melancholic emotion that water tends to elicit.
This “Shape of Water” collection truly does encompass all elements of the PEARLONA brand. With water being the main source of inspiration for the designs, that natural and organic element is there that we’ve come to expect of PEARLONA. Even water itself is the perfect companion for pearl jewelry, since water is where pearls are found in nature. Tie all that up with the feminine, delicate vibe of the pieces, and we have something that truly reflects the shape of water in the most stunning way possible.
Let this collection flow into your life for dreamy pearl jewelry that remains unparalleled.
Simply Baroque:
Style isn’t complex. In fact, in the world of PEARLONA, style is actually quite simple. For Grace and Wenxi, they believe true style lies in minimalist pieces that are able to convey their beauty naturally, simply, and without embellishment.
In particular, in this “Simply Baroque” collection, beauty is translated by way of the natural shape of baroque pearls, and the actual feel and luster of the pearl itself. Soft and smooth, with a swoon-worthy sheen, pearls act as a symbol of minimal beauty.
With this idea of minimal beauty driving the collection, the designs are simple in nature intentionally, so that any woman can easily fit the style into her life, no matter the occasion. When it comes to classic styles that are sophisticated and elegant, the pearl always dominates, and in this “Simply Baroque” collection, the power and beauty of this natural gem clearly comes to fruition.