“RICOSTRU”, was founded by a team of innovative designers under “Manchit Au Design Space”, which is belongs to a Chinese fashion designer – Manchit Au, in 2011. Ricostruzione – the origin of the name of our brand in Italian, has a meaning of reconstruction, which is also the concept behind “RICOSTRU”, it not only reflects the faith of its team in developing the brand and determination to become timeless; it also represents the uniqueness of ideas in each and every individual as well as the power of construction. The philosophy of the design is “Return”, returning to the essential of clothing “Caring”. The garments are comfortable to touch yet rich in detail, ordinary yet sophisticated to spread the word of “Love” and “Care”. The main theme is “Luxury Basic”. The timeless style present a fresh, simple and elegant look and sophisticated taste to it with an emphasis on detail, tailoring and quality.

The RICOSTRU A/W 2018 Collection revolves around three key elements: 
“Feminine”, “Wine” and “Stories”.
These elements are abstractly transformed into four intangible progressing emotions: 
“Shell,” “Dazing,” “Illusion” and “Disappear”. 

I bring you a bottle of wine, neither too sweet nor too dry, and pack it into a stylish bag. I want you to wait for me tonight.
You drink glass after glass with your dazing eyes. You begin talking nonsense. I love the fragrant hues on your lips and your fantasy-indulging face when you say “I’m just tipsy”
You tell how you enjoy the illusion – that it ran into you – it was the moment you caught those tiny little stars, far away in the sky
I chuckle and say  “the only thing I see is the star river in your eyes”
You ask if I see the overlapping shadows from the door frame. “Oh I’m sorry I seem to spot a rainbow illusion” 
You smile and say “that is the frame of the starry night sky”
You fall asleep and awake to a brand-new day. Now is my time to say goodbye

By dramatically blending into RICOSTRU’s design concepts, the emotions are found to be as illusionary, yet realistic, as a movie scene. The four emotional states have permeated the collection via different fashion forms:
“Shell” — the protective shell of “feminine”: 
With the signature RICOSTRU minimalist silhouette as the main element, it incorporates anguine patterns and earth-tone leather, enforcing a powerful image of a streamlined shell into the clean-cut suit.
“Dazing” — the gentleness underneath the shell: 
With combination of softness and hardness in fabrics, a woman’s faintly discernible curves are traced in “dazing” hues, finely weaving the relationship between a suit, a night gown and lingerie under a protective shell.
“Illusion” — liberated “illusion”: 
From contrast on the fabric usage. a pioneering transformational of the apparels’ silhouette; imaginary colors from the tranquil starry night, to incisive, sexy and futuristic images, RICOSTRU fearlessly voices a woman’s inner desires and liberating their dreamy vision.
“Disappear” — Slowly fading shadows: 
RICOSTRU infuses mysterious elements into “Jedi-like” capes, while ingeniously integrating reflective materials with shimmering gauzes, fading shadows at darkness like a touch of light and a tinge of smoke.

RICOSTRU A/W 2018 Collection – “I bring you wine for your dreaming story” is the soliloquy of women’s emotions. As a resonator to real life, the emotions are magnified, pounding the contradiction between rationality and sensibility that exists within a women’s consciousness, and the co-existence of romance and extremity which is deep-rooted in RICOSTRU.