Shuting Qiu graduated with an MA and BA in Fashion from the Royal Academy in Antwerp.

The brand conveys a signature sense of femininity that features a “modern romantic” woman, powerful and independent while maintaining her soft identity. The SHUTING QIU woman dares to express herself with asymmetry and experimentation in silhouettes, often resulting in rich contrasting colors of silk jacquards, intricate embroideries, and juxtapositions of linear and floral prints.

Currently based in Shanghai, the Chinese-born designer constantly finds inspiration in art, literature, cinema and travel. Shuting’s creations pay homage to the free, romantic and neurotic spirit of heroines such as Virginia Woolf and Pina Bausch.

Shuting Qiu won VFiles Runway 10, was a finalist for the inaugural BoF China Prize 2019, won the Special Prize at the BIG Design Award Japan, was a finalist of the H&M Design Award 2020, was selected within the Arise Fashion Week international new talents and invited by Vogue Talents to join the World of Vogue Talents and most recently was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize 2021.
“Holds her own bouquet in the sky” Florine Stettheimer

Shuting Qiu’s collections consistently celebrate daring romanticism, and are often an invitation to explore the work of a strong female artist. Her Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection delves into the colorful and dreamy world of Florine Stettheimer.

Stettheimer was a painter, feminist, theatrical designer, poet, and salonnière. Her work tackled controversial issues, like race and sexual preferences, subtlety concealed in the depiction of the social gatherings of her New York City circle. She filled her paintings with bright, often unmixed, primary colors. Unapologetically domestic and über-feminine, her work has been variously described as 'faux naïf', 'rococo subversive' or camp.

SHUTING QIU dares with asymmetry and experimentation in silhouettes, a rigorous and original approach to fabrics, intricate embroideries, and juxtapositions of linear and floral prints. Her play on textures and prints, mixing simplicity with complexity, echoes the subtleties of femininity and womanhood. The same descriptives from Stettheimer (über-feminine ,'faux naïf'...) could easily apply here.

Florence Stettheimer was imaginative, living in a dream-like world while coexisting in another where she effortlessly combined her self-consciousness with the collective consciousness; both rejecting or digesting the provocations of the world around her. The Autumn/Winter 2022 SHUTING QIU collection mirrors the rhetoric of Stettheimer. Delicate beaded accessories, colorful and sweet cropped jackets, blazers & mini-skirts and the introduction of knits softly envelop powerful sequined embroideries and neon-hued bodysuits; inner strength of character and determination presented in a colorful and dreamy bundle.

Shuting took her forced introspection (Shanghai just ended a 60+ day citywide lockdown) and her longing for social gatherings to heart when she conceptualized her collection; channeling Florine Stettheimer by seeking the fusion of the outside and the inside.
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