Stephen F stands for timeless well-tailored clothes in high quality fabrics.
The style is clean and sleek, yet eye-catching, due to the innovative and surprising details that make the garments stand out.
They are pieces that have the ability to compliment the staples found in every man’s wardrobe.
Stephen Ferber has been working with clothes since 1990, with the Ferber family having a long-standing tradition of working in the garment industry.
Stephen’s grandfather was a tailor and his father worked in the retail business for over 30 years.
The brand of Stephen F works with limited unique products in each type of design and color.
Many of the products in each collection are handmade.

In this political climate, with unforeseen changes and potential historical backtracking, the world is experiencing a sense of separation at the extreme. Having negative connotations seen throughout the media, Stephen F creative director Stephen Ferber poses the question; how do we see the light out of the darkness? 

Stephen, always an optimist, chooses to see these dark times as a way to open a dialogue between neighbors, the Stephen F community and the world at large. To present a collection that allows people with different ideas and opinions to communicate and to bring inspiration to people, to train themselves to focus on the light rather than the dark misunderstandings. 

With this urge for change, Stephen stumbled upon a coffee table book about  star , a man who dedicated his life to encouraging communication throughout the world. He found himself relating to Lennon’s aspirations and thought as if  was wearing Stephen F, bringing forth the inspiration behind The John Collection; a Black and White Story.

Stephen explains, “The black is not a negative thing and the white is not a positive. They are two extremes and so close to each other. It is about looking at differences as something that opens our minds and allows us to develop”

With the black and white as the basis of the collection, Stephen incorporates a range of manly greys, contrasting army greens, shades of camel, traditional navy and signature Stephen F blue. The John that Stephen pictures for this collection is how he imagines a young Lennon would dress today; a big wool beret, jeans in exquisite Loro Piana denim, a fur coat in Merino wool and a red biker suit.

The John Collection; a Black and White story is about the current of life and our duty to humanity, to learn to mold the environment and our future into something other than wrecking news.