Tara Babylon is a British-Iraqi designer and performance artist known for her innovative style that breaks traditional boundaries. She gained attention in New York City for her unique blend of fashion and art that appeals to those who appreciate the extraordinary.

Tara Babylon's journey began with her education at respected institutions like Central Saint Martins(CSM) and Parsons School of Design. Her numerous awards and accomplishments highlight her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent.

At the heart of Tara Babylon's own brand is a strong focus on diversity and innovation, with a central theme of embracing gender fluidity in her artistic vision. Her designs are filled with vibrant colors, exceptional craftsmanship, unique textiles, and elements of performance art.

In a time when machines often overshadow handcrafted work, Tara Babylon's brand proudly revives the spirit of artisanal craftsmanship. She uses techniques like weaving, printing, tufting, and crochet to breathe life into her creations, preserving the special essence of handmade excellence.
Tara Babylon's creative vision merges traditional artisanal techniques with a modern vibrancy, evoking the spirit of a new ancient Babylon. She transforms everyday items like safety pins into rebellious crocheted art, turns elastic weaving into custom designs, and seamlessly blends carpet-style textiles with contemporary silhouettes and hardware.

Sustainability and ethical practices are core values of her brand, challenging the industry's environmental impact. Tara Babylon goes beyond fashion, actively supporting initiatives that empower women. She is a passionate advocate for change, using her platform to inspire and uplift those in her sphere of influence.
Tara Babylon's Spring Summer 2024 collection is a delightful and breezy twist on summer wardrobe essentials. Drawing inspiration from the allure of floral patterns and the innovative utilization of surplus fabrics, this collection unfurls its distinctive narrative through textile experimentation and imaginative print concepts.

Tara takes us on a sartorial journey through a palette of soft, ethereal pastels and the embrace of sumptuous materials, fashioning quintessential pieces emblematic of the quintessential summer wardrobe. These garments effortlessly intermingle, allowing wearers to embrace a fluid, cohesive style. The selection boasts the inclusion of soft, breathable cottons and luxurious linens, championing comfort as an integral element of this sustainability-conscious assortment.

Within the folds of this eco-aware collection lies Tara's hallmark techniques, such as the artful handweaving, whimsical safety-pin crochet, intricate embroidery, eco-conscious t-shirt recycling, and skillful braiding. The emphasis here is squarely on comfort, as the collection emerges as Tara's playful and glamorous interpretation of discovering solace and simplicity amidst the balmy embrace of the summer months.
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