Techin Kraikajonkitti lives and works between New York City and Bangkok. He is driven, creative, adaptative, sensitive and observing, yet unpredictable, easily bored and scandalous. He thrives on travels (often alone), encounters and experiences: musicians, artists, poets, cinema, architecture, food…everything awakens his senses and creativity.  
Techin founded his namesake label, TÉCHIN, in New York in 2016 as an irreverent, timeless menswear brand focusing on quality and execution rather than trends. Its designs are often discreet and unheralded but incorporating thoughtful details and craftsmanship; always executed with a high traditional savoir faire. The flagship store at 123 Greenwich Avenue is a haven for New York’s professional creatives: artists, architects, actors, musicians, gallerists and the occasional corporate executive; all with an artistic sensibility and respect for compelling design and uncompromising quality.  
Techin built his brand to resemble the image of the man he wanted to project: poised, professional, classic but somehow irreverent. Being driven when young often leads into solidifying an identify too soon, and Techin grew untrue to the house he built. He realized that irreverence needs to be brought out of the shadow and into the light. As this wilder side of himself surfaced, so did his need to design a collection that resembles it: energetic, ambiguous, sensual and sexual.  
The duality that exists in Techin now exhibits in TÉCHIN.  
TÉCHIN Iconic shows sophistication at ease; offering impeccably executed unheralded designs with a subtle edge; a distinctive silhouette that projects razor sharp lines; a uniquely straight drape that belies the fluidity and mobility of each garment. It is refined while relaxed, strong while nonchalant.  
The New TÉCHIN conveys qualities of youth: free, ambiguous, fearless, playful. Here Techin experiments with design and conventions while retaining all the quality attributes of the iconic line.   
“Life is all about juggling between roles so why bother choosing one - you can be it all, take it all. Being confident in your style and attitude is what makes it chic. I wanted to follow my instinct and actualize what has been in my gut. The process of blending design with self-discovery is the best expression of my individuality.”  
Techin is still exploring the boundaries of his new line and new found freedom to create. With his second collection for The New TECHIN, he questions the magnitude of his dualities and how they impact his creative process. How to define a clear brand identity that reflects the complexity of his own persona without confusing his process and ultimately his audience? How to deliver one clear message from many inner voices?  
Techin chose Bangkok to create and stage his newest collection - the place where he was first recognized and awarded for his fearless designs. It was important to Techin to be spontaneous when designing and free from his New York responsibilities. The city roots him creatively and gives space for his various and sometime contradictory impulses. 
Cuts and patterns play hide and seek, fabrics play with structured softness (tulle, thick mesh, intricate textures), accessorization underscore fierceness (harnesses, theatrical details) and the colors hint to Techin’s momentary love affair with the newly released movie DUNE (sand, orange, yellow, brown). 
The collection still feels exploratory but the story holds. To Techin, fashion reflects the ever-changing emotions, energy and moods of one persona: “love yourself, express yourself, don’t be afraid to connect all of the pieces that make YOU. Be playful, your outfit today reflects who you are TODAY.” 
The collection film was shot in Ratchaburi, a “DUNE-like” location outside of Bangkok referred as “Grand Canyon”. It reads nature versus “Gotham”, softness against strength, poise agin excitement, reflection countering speed; it tells a story of multi-faceted personas, the story TECHIN is built on. 
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