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Techin Kraikajonkitti lives and works between New York City and Bangkok. He is driven, creative, adaptative, sensitive and observing, yet unpredictable, easily bored and scandalous. He thrives on travels (often alone), encounters and experiences: musicians, artists, poets, cinema, architecture, food…everything awakens his senses and creativity. 

Techin founded his namesake label, TÉCHIN, in New York in 2016 as an irreverent, timeless menswear brand focusing on quality and execution rather than trends. Its designs rose to fame for their unheralded discretion while incorporating thoughtful details and craftsmanship; always executed with a high traditional savoir faire. The flagship store at 123 Greenwich Avenue has been a haven for New York’s professional creatives: artists, architects, actors, musicians, gallerists, and the occasional corporate executive; all with an artistic sensibility and respect for compelling design and uncompromising quality.

Techin built his brand to resemble the image of the man he wanted to project at a point in time: poised, professional, classic but somehow irreverent. But being driven when young often leads into solidifying an identify too soon, and Techin grew untrue to the house he built. He realized that irreverence needs to be brought out of the shadow and into the light. As this wilder side of himself surfaced, so did his need to design a collection that resembles it: energetic, ambiguous, sensual and sexual. 

The duality that exists in Techin now exhibits in TÉCHIN. While the collections retain the sophistication at ease TECHIN has been known for; impeccably executed unheralded designs with a subtle edge; a distinctive silhouette that projects razor sharp lines; a uniquely straight drape that belies the fluidity and mobility of each garment. The new TÉCHIN conveys qualities of youth: free, ambiguous, fearless, playful. Techin now experiments with design and conventions while retaining all the quality attributes of his iconic roots, and his classic offering benefits from it.

“Life is all about juggling between roles so why bother choosing one - you can be it all, take it all. Being confident in your style and attitude is what makes it chic. I wanted to follow my instinct and actualize what has been in my gut. The process of blending design with self-discovery is the best expression of my individuality.” 
Spring/Summer 2023 Collection
Madness Momentum

Techin Kraikajonkitti is solidifying TECHIN’s new construct. His latest collection was conceptualized on a dance floor in Brooklyn; its delivery was materialized in Bangkok.

“I had spent the night dancing; my eyes were closed but I could visualize colors through the music; it was an out of body experience”.

The idea of “out of body experience” was the starting point of the Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. Techin obsessed with creating something dynamic and not restricted by the human anatomy. The exercise, aimed at extending beyond the established norms or constrains of traditional garment, proves to be constructive: Techin and his team pushed the boundaries of the brand’s identity. The collection is assured, disciplined and strong.

Back in Bangkok, Techin started commuting to the studio by motorbike. The ride, through the lively and chaotic streets of Bangkok, echoed the “out of body experience” he had relished on the dance floor. Techin initiated a conversation with a photographer on how to translate that energy of being on a motorbike into his collection. It led the team to a very Thai sport: รถไต่ถัง Rt̄h tị̀ t̄hạng which loosely translates into “Extreme driving in a wooden tank-like arena”.

The collection was photographed at a small and rustic circus park one hour outside of Bangkok in the Cha Cherng Sao province. The setting was charming in its authenticity yet scary in its precariousness. The locals had set up a shrine in the center of the arena, a reminder of the danger of the sport.

The models posed in the center of the arena while a stuntman on a motorbike tank-climbed around them. The experience on set was invigorating yet imbued with risk; something could have gone wrong at any time, yet the insane risk was energizing; “it was an out of body experience”.