Teddy von Ranson is an American designer based in New York City. Originally from Canada, he studied in California at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Teddy moved east at the age of twenty-four to work for Ralph Lauren in New York City, where he rose to a senior position in concept and design before moving on to become the Creative Director of Frye Group.

Teddy’s bi-coastal background, combined with 15 years at the company that defined American fashion standards, has helped characterize his general aesthetic and values. This unique perspective compelled him to create a collection that resonates with the modern American man; one as much attached to a West Coast surf culture as to the East Coast urban experience.
"I wanted to explore literal and metaphorical winter beaches: the die-hard surfers in the chilly winter waters of California and the ice capped breakers of northeastern beaches, the slopes from Lake Placid to Aspen to Mammoth where moguls and half pipes emulate the waves." 
Surfers, skiers, and snowboarders share an irreverent approach to fashion. Their intuitive ability to layer technical and fashion pieces make for unexpected pairings that has given food for thought to designers for decades. For his Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, Teddy von Ranson effectively layers the effortless cool west coast sentiment with east coast discernment to advance his story of the modern American man. 
Now the man is one. He surfs in the Pacific and the Atlantic all year, skis and snowboards from Lake Placid to Aspen to Mammoth, kitted out with playfulness and mastery. He layers “great coats” and emotional outerwear over fluid tailoring, dropped shoulders, flowy pants and oversized shorts. And then, with playful intention, he layers over it again. 
Against a backdrop of charcoals and greys, conjuring the winter skies and dark chilly waters, Teddy Vonranson orchestrates monochromatic moments with color accents reminiscent of 90's ski and snowboard apparel. The “painted prints” conjure sunsets over cold ocean waters and the artful skies of the Northern lights.  
His tailoring shows up in a deep jewel tone palette of fluid wool & cashmere blends complimenting handsome charcoal and grey grounding pieces. The outerwear contrasts technical nylon canvas against refined merino wool and cashmere – parkas in topaz and black, technical takes on tailored wools for some of the windbreakers. The emotional prints are layered in a multitude of fabrics from technical silks and taffetas, to heavy ponte and merino knits. Multicolored ikat patterns and "painted prints” bring texture, from stand out editorial pieces to more realized styles. 

Key pieces include an oversized double-breasted "great coat" offered in both charcoal and deep merlot alpaca and wool blend, a double-faced long car coat in pale pistachio and a cropped double-faced peacoat in bright violet. 
Accessories include a reimagined vintage-style ski boot with lug soles and a higher shaft and bags inspired by trekking body packs and hiking gear, upscaled in rich pebbled calf and embossed lambskin. 
Teddy’s approach to this season is more subtle. In taking styling cues from his metaphorical North Beach to create a magical and very thoughtful take on Winter sports – the vision and the identity of his modern American man materializes. 
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