01 X X 02 03 X 04 X 05 X 06 X 07 X 08 X 09 X 10 X 11 X 12 X 13 X 14 X 15 X 16 X 17 X 18 X 19 X 20 X 21 X 22 X 23 X X 24 Teddy von Ranson is an American designer based in New York City. Originally from Canada, he studied in California at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Teddy moved east at the age of twenty-four to work for Ralph Lauren in New York City, where he rose to a lead designer position in apparel and accessories before moving on to become the Creative Director of Frye Group.

Teddy’s bi-coastal background, combined with 15 years at the company that defined American fashion standards, has helped characterize his general aesthetic and values, his sense of style, and incredible attention to detail & quality craftmanship. This unique perspective and foundation compelled him to create TEDDY VONRANSON; a collection that resonates with the modern American man; one as much attached to a West Coast surf culture as to the East Coast urban experience.
Joshua Tree has long attracted mystics, artists, writers, musicians, and those chasing beauty, healing and inner truth. As TEDDY VONRANSON prospers, Teddy cloistered in Joshua Tree desert - to center himself and contemplate. Here there are no words; structures of the past start to lose their grip on you; you discover your own voice. 
Building on his affinity with desert themed collections - shown during his previous tenures - it was important to Teddy to take on a fresh and less conventional outlook for his own brand.  
“To explore the California desert and Joshua Tree is to be transported to another realm and the inspiration found in the desert tones and landscape was abundant...much of my time and exploration happened in the early hours which gave me a different perspective on desert colors and hues as the early morning light cast a "coolness" in undertone to the traditional desert palette. When one looks beyond the pale landscape on rock formations, crushed gravel and sand, one begins to see the pale tones of dried grasses, desert floral and mosses canopied by rich blue skies that hug the mountainscape in deep teals fading into clear and bright blues as they touch the sun.” 
The feeling and mood of Joshua Tree folds into Teddy’s choice of colors, textures, and prints further inspiring him to refine his craft - fabrication, weights and silhouettes.  
Grounded in muted tones of stone, sand and bone, offset by desert clay and teal, Teddy supplants his black and navy classics with rich moros with highlights of antique brass and bronze.  
Sun-bleached plaids (texture and pattern) recall the parched grasses that dust over the desert scape occasionally disturbed with patches of dried berries and wildflowers. Linen and silk blends lighten the brand’s signature tailoring. Leathers and suedes enrich to render the earthy characteristics of Joshua Tree while the knitwear captures its bohemian spirit offering re-interpretations of the brands icons: the open work polo expands to button through camp shirts, cardigans, tanks and shorts. The epochal palm cardigan and Nordic palm sweater are re-invented in desert tones. 

Key pieces include: an oversized parka in teal silk and linen basket weave, a classic trench in deep moro toned linen, workwear styles detailed in silk tweeds and plaids. Icons are animated in organic tie dye prints from an emotional oversized car coat to an effortless camp shirt, as well as elevated in refined leathers and suedes: a stone suede suit, a classic American fringed jacket in clay, a teal suede short coat, a metallic bronze classic motocross jacket.

“I sipped my coffee as the desert woke cold and scoured, the sun loosened the chill on my porch, the sage and the cholla trees stood still amid the boulders. Ravens circled the sun; the cold air slipped to tender; my mind drifted as I looked to the hard blue horizon”. 
With this sentiment the collection is grounded and serene, reflecting Teddy’s Joshua Tree finding: a piece of peace.