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Since the establishment of her namesake brand in 2009, she has gained an international reputation for her unique understanding of fabrics, exquisite tailoring, and balancing sophistication with timeless aesthetics.  
She was the first Chinese designer to join the calendar of Milan Fashion Week before listing on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar in 2017. Her unique style has attracted the attention of the top buyers in the world.  
Uma Wang entered the 2015 Forbes China Designers list and was chosen by the BoF 500 for six consecutive years (“The People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry”). Vogue Italia proclaimed her the “Up and Coming Talent that deserved more worldwide attention”.  
In 2012, the Council of Fashion Designers of America picked her for its inaugural China Exchange program. In 2022 Uma Wang was elected as a permanent member of La Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Feminine. The international fashion industry regards Uma as one of the leading Chinese designers.  
UMA WANG has 4 flagship stores in China and is sold in ~100 stores worldwide including Lane Crawford, IF Soho, Dover Street Market, Selfridges, L’Eclaireur and Antonioli.  
"In every walk into nature, one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir 
Deprived of travel for the past three years, Uma Wang turned to nature for exploration, connecting with the words of Scottish-American naturalist and author John Muir. 
Muir saw in nature something pure, uncorrupted by civilization and domestication. His letters, essays, and books shaped the way many understand and envision their relationship with wilderness. And while Muir’s writing observes nature in the United States, his philosophy encompasses the broader relationship between humankind and nature.  
“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” 
Sinking your feet into primordial, warm, red sand; immersing yourself in the colors of the sunrise; grasping the complexity of the smell after rain - everything our senses intercept goes deeper into memory becoming a permanent piece of us. 
Nature breaks all boundaries and taboos and gives the liberation the human soul so sincerely seeks. A humbling and invigorating experience; a breeze of fresh morning air; wilderness at its purest – the UMA WANG Spring/Summer 2023 Collection consecrates our primal kinship with nature. 
Sophisticated tailoring, fluid silhouettes, earthy tones, refined fabrics with a raw feel - the essence of Uma Wang – at once elevated and grounded. Merged with sheer, cloud-like materials, organic textures and embracing knitwear, geometric shapes and floral prints recall an ancestral and virginal past. Crispy nylon and technical silks paired with tribal accessories serve Uma’s quest – moving forward but not forgetful.