Wan Hung Cheung founded WAN HUNG in 2014 following his graduation from Central Saint Martins and stints in the design teams of Tom Ford, John Rocha, Simone Rocha and Bernard Willhelm.
The brand’s juxtaposition in tailoring has its foundation in Wan’s formative years in the Chinese tropical island of Hainan and his time lived in London, resulting in garments and accessories positioned between classic formalwear and sportswear.
The Wan Hung wardrobe innovates through textile development and functional pattern cutting. From sensuous undergarment to versatile tailored jacket, Wan’s focus is in the detail, creating a comfortable, stylish yet amorous wardrobe.

NThe story of the Green Snake, a Chinese folk legend about snakes who transform into humans led the narrative to Wan Hung’s Spring/Summer 2020’s collection.
The metamorphosis symbolism aligns to Wan’s consistent brand narrative. This season emphasizes on self physical discovery. The result is a suggestive rather than seductive collection.
Through bright colors, cut outs and asymmetric patterns, Wan looks at seduction through a childlike mind.