Wan Hung Cheung founded WAN HUNG in 2014 following his graduation from Central Saint Martins. Hung won the Hand & Lock Award for his remarkable embroidery skills, worked for Tom Ford, John Rocha, Simone Rocha and Bernhard Willhelm.
Wan was born and raised in Hainan, the Hawaii of China, and lived in London. The contrast of the flourishing nature versus cityscape inspires the brand’s juxtaposition to tailoring.
Clean-cut tailoring and classic silhouettes, reinvented through textile and print innovation, are the heart of the Wan Hung brand and speak to a sophisticated modern urban customer.

For Spring/Summer 2019 Wan Hung is looking at fox and hounds hunting attire, a nod to Wan’s dog Emoji, a fox terrier, who always finds a way to slip himself into the brand narrative.
In traditional British hunting, the Master of the Hounds oversees the sporting activities of the hunt and supervises the care of the fox hounds. He has a privileged relationship with the hounds while having the final say over all matters in the field. This dynamic is at the center of Wan’s story line – the man in charge is the one closest to the animals.
A prominent feature of the Hunt is the wearing of ‘colors’. Masters generally wore red coats, often misleadingly called “pinks”, gentleman wore black, ladies carried colored collars on their black or navy coats and some wore green or even mustard. Wan Hung worked with Chinese painter Wang Jiajia (Boers-Li Gallery Beijing & NY) to create custom prints integrating traditional hunting attire colors mixed with the artist singular bold brush strokes. This partnership resulted in singular digital prints in both soft tones and vibrant colors and Emoji burrowed his way into a custom camouflage artwork.
The protocol significance of hunting technical attire will be found throughout the collection via exaggerated straps, flaps and pockets adorning undergarments, bottoms and outerwear and a special rain boots capsule collection developed in collaboration with Unicare.Wan Hung has also developed an innovative air vent technique which allows efficient air ventilation through cuts and movement.
It is “coming of age” to tackle the controversy of fox hunting – to juxtapose that to the protocol of Master of Hounds. It invites us to retain the traditions we inherit from this activity while taking a strong stand on what the important message is: BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY.