Idris Balogun was born in Brooklyn to Nigerian immigrants. He spent most of his life in London where he dedicated himself to fashion. Idris began his career at Hardy Amies on Saville Row gaining an apprenticeship studying pattern making and cutting, then worked with Burberry under the direction of Christopher Bailey before moving to the United States to work with Tom Ford.
Idris Balogun founded WINNIE in late 2018. An homage to his late grandmother Princess Winifred Dademu.

WINNIE embodies luxury in a saturated consumerism culture with the intent to create a lasting product. Small and focus collections will unveil modern tailoring made of exceptional fabrics.
Collections are designed and manufactured in New York.

Referencing a text by Maya Angelou, WINNIE’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection speaks on freedom and celebrating the unknown. Idris found power in how strength of character and passion can help overcome the hand you’ve been dealt.
Nostalgic silhouettes celebrate the past and remind us of what we have been through while weaving cashmere, silk, lace and 15 micron wools celebrate what the future potentially holds.
A nod to Maya and all women who display dignity against all odds, WINNIE showcases its
menswear collections on such women. This season is featured on Munira Maltity Zul-qa.
Munira moved to the US at age 18 to study computer science to achieve her dream to work at
NASA as a computer engineer. She uses modeling to finance her college studies while actively
using her platform to support charities dedicated to helping children in West Africa.