After serving four years in the US Army in Seoul, Korea, Julian Woodhouse experienced the vast misunderstanding of men in the military, which became the muse behind his label WOODHOUSE. Going into his fifth season at New York Fashion Week, Julian has progressively encompassed the diversity of the 21st century man.

Pulling inspiration from his unusual young adult life, 27-year-old, Julian covers all aspects of the new age man. Beginning first with his experience in the army to majoring in International Business in both the USA and Spain, Julian was challenged with managing his fashion design and his military career. With this distinct lifestyle experience the WOODHOUSE brand captures the ever-changing desires of the modern man.

The socioeconomic and political fallout following this year’s election is rare but certainly not unprecedented.  I’ve spent enough time and I am sure you have as well reflecting where we are as a collective. Although choosing to define our society has become a polarizing crisis in recent times, I’ve concluded, nothing we see now is new, it has happened to preceding generations and it is likely to happen again. Simultaneous occurrences of both civil and global tensions make the perfect environment for growth. As we grow, rifles fire, bombs are dropped, and lives are lost. During these crucibles, the public’s outcry demands a revolution – a counter culture.

This collection was stitched with the hopes of a brighter future and for us represents the new revolutionary and our counter culture. We are a politically and socioeconomically engaged society, not caring is not an option, but from time to time we can take a break and enjoy life.

So let’s have a field day!