After serving four years in the US Army in Seoul, Korea, Julian Woodhouse experienced the vast misunderstanding of men in the military, which became the muse behind his label WOODHOUSE. Going into his fifth season at New York Fashion Week, Julian has progressively encompassed the diversity of the 21st century man.

Pulling inspiration from his unusual young adult life, 27-year-old, Julian covers all aspects of the new age man. Beginning first with his experience in the army to majoring in International Business in both the USA and Spain, Julian was challenged with managing his fashion design and his military career. With this distinct lifestyle experience the WOODHOUSE brand captures the ever-changing desires of the modern man.

Two words that combat each other like age old rivals. 2016 was a year that brought out the worst in humanity and 2017 has the potential to bring out the best, the future hasn’t been written yet and by making even small changes in our “local universe”, in the way we dress, the way we communicate and present ourselves we can create change.

I felt a lot of angst due to the shifting of the political environment. It feels at if I exist merely as a speck in something larger than me that aims to bring negativity and judgement over me and society at large.

When we make little changes to our daily routine, we create new neural pathways, resulting in a fresh perception, deleting old ingrained behavioural patterns, that on a mass scale may herald unexpected answers to age old societal issues. This ties into the collection, there is a play on unexpectedness resulting in an unusual maybe even warped perception.

When you see something for the first time as for example a regular dress shirt, you would expect there to be 7 or 8 buttons down the chest, a chest pocket, with maybe a logo on it, and if it was a fitted shirt you would find darts in the back. What I did was shift the placement of these details or replicate them in places one wouldn’t expect them, shifting the entire perception of the garment towards something unexpected.

This collection marks the start of a new generation and a newer attitude towards how men present themselves. After a desperate attempt to have our voices heard and our faces seen all we have is the person that stares intently back at us in our own reflection.