Julian Woodhouse started WOOD HOUSE in 2015 while serving as a Lieutenant in the US Army based in Seoul, Korea. In 2017, on deciding to leave the US Army and partner with his now husband Kirill Kabachenko, the duo simultaneously renamed the brand WOOD HOUSE Army thereby retaining the reference to Julian’s past, and further uniting their clan.

For their first season under WOOD HOUSE Army, Julian and Kirill focused on the fight and the urgent need to expose the truth with a “call to arms” collection untitled NUCLEAR. Reflecting on Julian’s past personal experience of regrouping post army, the Spring/Summer 2019 collection focuses on alert presence and takes a closer and more intimate look at the WOOD HOUSE soldier. He is deferential to his past, has the pulse of the socio-political landscape, he cloisters himself to achieve a monk-like mindset in order to thrive in the race that is urban living.

“A man who knows his next step is a master of prediction, but a man who doesn’t know his next step, yet still steps, is an enlightened one.”

Julian and Kirill segue to an army that depicts the visually striking BMX culture of the 80s, emphasizing on a team standing together behind the starting line in strength, unity and a certainty and readiness to tackle obstacles.

The resulting colorful and graphic uniform sports a new seasonal logo – a nod to the Chinese city of Hangzhou where Julian spent time this year building new partnerships for the brand.