The cowboy, one of the most iconic archetypes of American masculinity and moral code, has effectively been reversed. With prejudice and greed at the forefront of power, it has unintentionally forced us to re-evaluate and strengthen our own virtues. Simultaneously, we are witnessing the expiration of machoism led by a convergence of victims who are no longer willing to hide alone in silence.

REVERSE COWBOY represents this moment– everything we know is changing.

The cowboy theme subtly appears throughout the collection in remixes of classic cowboy shirts, trousers, jeans, and jackets. XB OFCL juxtaposes pebbled leather against novelty jacquards hand-loomed in England with graphic interpretations of spotted horses. In shirts, plaids woven by Japanese artisans are spliced with sandblasted cupro or contrast gingham checks. Heavy canvas outerwear pieces are deconstructed hybrids merging vintage Harley Davidson jackets and American Army coats. The LA made denim pieces are made using sustainable fabric and hand treated to achieve one of a kind vintage effects before being hand painted individually to resemble glaciers or tar stains. All of the pieces are embellished with shiny pallidum hardware bearing XB OFCL’s brutalist undertone.

Inspired by the famous lyrics from Guns and Roses’ November Rain: “Never mind the darkness, we still can find a way” prominently appears embroidered on hooded bomber jackets and on the sleeves of sumptuous velvet t-shirts or printed as graphics. The quote is a reminder that hope is always on the horizon despite how chaotic and despairing it may seem. While finding solace in darkness may seem a simpler path, the truth is that we, as a society, must join together to protect our freedom, rights and beliefs regardless of how misguided leaders may shake the foundations. REVERSE COWBOY is a story of transformation and hope.