Shuting Qiu graduated with an MA and BA in Fashion from the Royal Academy in Antwerp.

The brand conveys a signature sense of femininity that features a “modern romantic” woman, powerful and independent while maintaining her soft identity. The SHUTING QIU woman dares to express herself with asymmetry and experimentation in silhouettes, often resulting in rich contrasting colors of silk jacquards, intricate embroideries, and juxtapositions of linear and floral prints.

Currently based in Shanghai, the Chinese-born designer constantly finds inspiration in art, literature, cinema and travel. Shuting’s creations pay homage to the free, romantic and neurotic spirit of heroines such as Virginia Woolf and Pina Bausch.

Shuting Qiu won VFiles Runway 10, was a finalist for the inaugural BoF China Prize 2019, won the Special Prize at the BIG Design Award Japan, was a finalist of the H&M Design Award 2020, was selected within the Arise Fashion Week international new talents and invited by Vogue Talents to join the World of Vogue Talents and most recently was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize 2021.
Shuting Qiu’s collection are often an invitation to explore the work of a strong female artist; for her Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, Shuting chose self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from hometown landscapes and recalling paintings of the beautiful scenery that once surrounded her, the design process became a remembrance of the past and a very intimate exploration of the self. 
Romanticized memories of Hangzhou dictated a transitioning color palette that follow the seasonal changes in the landscapes of her childhood memories. Blues for the ever-changing color of the cherished lake, greens for her beloved meditative forest, oranges and yellows reminiscent of changing autumnal leaves, and pinks, purples and lilacs for treasured flowers.  
While Shuting stays true to her brand signatures – a daring, modern romantic combination of prints and patterns - she inserts a new softer energy into her classic florals. Blurred recollections of memories are now imbued with “fog” and “rain” making colors appear subdued and opaque. The florals are no longer consolidated; there’s a novel sense of solitude and independence within them. 
Shuting Qiu created an identity upon the principle that fashion is an armor to navigate society; in which one does not advance quietly. With her latest collection, she seems to make a more introspective statement, one of quiet strength, one of self-empowerment.  
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