01 X X 02 03 X 04 X 05 X 06 X 07 X 08 X 09 X 10 X 11 X 12 X 13 X 14 X 15 X 16 X 17 X X 18 X 19 X 20 X 21 X 22 X 23 X 24 X 25 Teddy von Ranson is an American designer based in New York City. Originally from Canada, he studied in California at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Teddy moved east at the age of twenty-four to work for Ralph Lauren in New York City, where he rose to a senior position in concept and design before moving on to become the Creative Director of Frye Group.

Teddy’s bi-coastal background, combined with 15 years at the company that defined American fashion standards, has helped characterize his general aesthetic and values. This unique perspective compelled him to create a collection that resonates with the modern American man; one as much attached to a West Coast surf culture as to the East Coast urban experience.

When he traveled to the South Seas the French painter Paul Gauguin discovered a bright, fragranced world of azure seas, alluring islanders and rich color. His paintings inspired by his time in French Polynesia, with their rich and glowing hues, strong outlines, lush landscapes and underlying mystery, are unfailingly exotic. They sing of heat, natural abundance, sensuality and spiritual succor, and Teddy Vonranson celebrates them with his Spring/Summer 2022 Collection.

With his newest collection, Teddy yearns for an exotic paradise. The colors are rich (hot corals, pacific blues and malachite), the shapes are strong (a cropped pea coat, soft constructed suits, wide leg sailor pants, oversized shirts and micro track shorts) and the prints are emboldened (jute stripes, traditional Hawaiian prints artfully rendered in oversized bouquets). Much like Gauguin emulated Oceanic traditions in his work with a deliberate rough-hewn look, Teddy
uses thatch inspired hand crochet and raffia in trims,
accessories and a statement coat; peeping through is signature Teddy Vonranson - double face cashmere outerwear, embossed lamb skin bomber and shorts, rich suedes and exotic linen blends.

With these novel whimsical moments, the collection feels energizing and joyful. Teddy makes an emotional statement of optimism; one he believes men are aching for.
In 2012, the Seattle Art Museum displayed about 60 works by Gauguin that fully revealed the extent of the influence of Polynesian art and culture on his work. The cult exhibit was called “Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise”.