Nina Jiang established UNISECON in New York City in 2020.

Nina graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2017, studied fashion making and pattern cutting at Central Saint Martins in London, before honing her skills in textiles, patterns, meticulous craftmanship and avant-garde design alongside Boris Bidian Saberi in Paris. In the midst of learning her craft she also gave birth to her daughter Arya.

Motherhood and family were transformative for both Nina and her work: a sense of belonging from living in a household, a sense of balance from ‘human bonding’ and ‘self-actualization’ in her daily life. This resulted in an appreciation that interpersonal relationships improve self-recognition and a sense of belonging in family and community is empowering.

A play on the words “unify” and “second”, UNISECON is a riff on unity and community akin to rebirth and second life. Quoting collectivism and emotional bonds as influences, UNISECON is a celebration of the overlooked emotional bonds between people. Nina uses UNISECON to reflect on her transformations, complexities, and paradoxes.

UNISECON explores the multifaceted femininity of womanhood with candor, pragmatism and modernity. It denotes a meticulous sophistication in fabric development and wearability, while embracing the designer’s personal life as a mother.

The UNISECON Autumn/Winter 2022 collection was inspired by Dietmar Eckell's photographic work "Happy End". Eckel captures fifteen plane crashes, but despite the unnerving visuals of these downed aircraft, each of these photographs tells the story of a genuine miracle; everyone walked away or was rescued shortly thereafter.  
The wreckage of these planes, after many years of abandonment, merged with their surroundings to create tranquil scenes. Daniel Eckell grants them a “happy end” by recording them resting in peace. Inspired by the abandoned beauty in the work of Daniel Eckell, Nina Jiang devoted her newest collection for UNISECON to repurposing dropped styles laying around from the past.  
The AW22 collection gives new life to old garments and designs. Nina and her team used stock pieces from past seasons and deconstructed them to create new styles. Beginning with two tone printed patterns inspired by air routes, Nina and her team then cut out the shapes of Eckell’s abandoned planes and contour traced them on top of archive sketches resulting in ingenious draping silhouettes. They removed sleeves, plackets, collars and pockets before re-attaching them in unexpected places to showcase an imperfect beauty, the layers mimic the poetic relation between the wreckage and nature. 
Through his lens, Eckell was able to bring people’s attention to repurposed beauty. With its latest collection, UNISECON brings life and value back into the erstwhile obsolete.   
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