In American Menswear, few narratives weave together the past and present with as much depth and finesse as that of Teddy von Ranson. His journey, a rich amalgam of cultural heritage and professional acumen, serves not only as a testament to personal achievement but also as a mirror reflecting the broader question: What does American fashion signify in today’s world?

Born in Canada and nurtured in an environment steeped in cultural sophistication, Teddy’s aesthetic sensibilities were further honed in California, at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Yet, it was New York City that truly became the crucible for his creative vision. Ascending to the role of lead designer at Ralph Lauren, and later, steering the helm as Creative Director at the Frye Group, Teddy’s career arc exemplifies an extraordinary blend of innovation and tradition.

His tenure at Ralph Lauren, spanning over a decade and a half, was not merely a period of personal growth but a chapter in the story of American fashion itself. It was here that Teddy’s design philosophy crystallized around the pillars of longevity, timelessness, and an unerring eye for detail. His creations are not just garments but articulations of a broader ethos, one that champions individuality eschews the ephemeral, and celebrates quality and authenticity.
TEDDY VONRANSON emerges as the embodiment of Teddy’s vision for today’s American man, a harmonious blend of “Modern American Classics.” Drawing from his reservoir of experience, Teddy seeks to distill the essence of modern American life into his designs, navigating the rich diversity and multicultural dynamism that define the American experience. His brand is not just a label but a narrative, one that intertwines American sensibilities with a global perspective.

The recognition of his work by the fashion industry, including an interim membership in the CFDA, the FGI Rising Star Award, and a nomination for American Menswear Designer of the Year, underscores the impact of his vision. The invitation to debut at Pitti Uomo’s Special Projects in Florence is not just a personal milestone but a moment of validation for American fashion itself.

In the narrative of Teddy von Ranson, we find a compelling answer to the question of what American fashion means today. It signifies a synthesis of tradition and modernity, a dialogue between the local and the global, and above all, a commitment to crafting not just clothes, but a legacy of integrity, quality, and community. In the designs of Teddy von Ranson, American fashion finds its voice, one that speaks to a world looking for authenticity in an age of transient trends.
Fall/Winter 2024 Collection
Field and Stream

In my latest Fall/Winter 2024 collection, inspired by the rustic charm of New England as it transitions into winter, I've aimed to redefine traditional hunting and fishing attire for the modern man. My vision was to bring a sense of fresh vibrancy to menswear with a rich color palette that mirrors this seasonal shift–deep loden, chestnut, and vicuña tones, highlighted by bold strokes of petroleum blues and russet orange.

This collection is a testament to my passion for reimagining classic silhouettes with a contemporary edge. I've focused on relaxed fits, refined with unstructured details, creating versatile, upscale staples. Highlights include merino wool sportswear, wide-leg utility pants that draw influence from Y2K and the great outdoors, and functional multi-pocketed cargo pants.
I've given special attention to outerwear, blending casual and tailored elements. A key piece is the cropped oversized field coat, a fusion of brushed cotton twill and British oil cloth, perfect for layering. The collection also features Italian wool walking coats, camel Great Coats, and a striking safety orange cashmere work shirt, all embodying a blend of elegance and boldness.

Luxurious yet lightweight fabrics are crucial to this collection, with leather and suede enriching its texture and depth. The artisanal denim washes and innovative knitwear, like the "Chase" intarsia sweater, highlight my commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With the TEDDY VONRANSON Fall/Winter 2024 collection, I've strived to balance luxury with practicality, in line with my philosophy of creating timeless, enduring fashion. This season is about cementing my brand's identity, marrying the heritage of American sportswear wit h a modern, sophisticated style, crafting pieces that transcend both time and trend.

As I always say, "It’s not about the label, it's about style. I'm building a brand and offering clothes for the modern man that have a certain timelessness that will outlast one's lifetime." This collection is a reflection of that enduring vision.
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