Born in Taiwan, C.T. Liu studied film before graduating from Shin Chien university in Taipei with a degree in Fashion Design.

His two prior stints at design garnered many accolades and awards (Ten Most Successful Brand in Asia, Most Potential Asian Designer, The Best Innovation Design of Shanghai Fashion Week). In 2018, C.T launched CPLUS SERIES with a debut runway at New York Fashion Week.

C CPLUS SERIES perseveres with the aesthetic of pragmatism-exploring concepts of simplicity while dissecting the quality of each and every item, adding the “plus” to Liu’s design approach. The brand celebrates unconventional beauty, grace ful self-appreciation, with a little irreverence to tradition by its unorthodox methods: innovative fabric development, experimental cutting and use of materials, imaginative pattern deconstruction.

CPLUS SERIES collections are urban and modernist while poetic and abstract; each piece standing strong with its own singular story.
Spring/Summer 2024 Collection
Remarkable Glance

The silhouette of a city is defined by the architectural structures that frequently and assertively pierce the horizon as if they were unassailable. Yet, beyond the confines of these buildings, the city reveals a myriad of diverse landscapes which gracefully meander amidst the steel and concrete; weaving together to form supple and malleable entities within the vigilant urban grid. In contrast to the colossal structures within our line of sight, these entities manifest themselves through a tapestry of signs, symbols, and fragmented traces; they evolve with the passage of time and, when suddenly met by our gaze, intertwine with our emotions, etching themselves into our memories.

In the CPLUS SERIES Spring/Summer 2024 collection, these urban-born landscapes become the genesis of creation for designer C. T.Liu. Aptly titled "Remarkable Glance," the collection invites you to immerse yourself in the emotions of the labyrinthine embrace of the city; sometimes radiant and sometimes mysterious. Through the reconstruction of fabric, the evolution of craftsmanship, the use of colors, alterations in silhouettes, C.T accumulates fragmented memories and encourages you to contemplate the urban container in which our lives are built
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