Kate Barton is an American fashion designer based in New York City. She graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design with immediate multiple accolades and awards.

With a focus on technology, shape-engineering and avant-garde draping methods, Kate’s innovative techniques entice the exploration of shape and form to give purpose and authenticity to each garment.Ingenious cutting methods and unconventional material combinations exceed the limit of what expected eveningwear looks like, and feels like, to wear. The sculptural, elegant creations hold serendipitous sustainable advances.

Kate Barton's brand, unlike the industry's typical personality, or theme-drivenpreoccupations, is built upon her singular processes: her geometric cutting and fabric manipulation techniques transform plain rectangles into garments that drape elegantly on the body, offering a multi-dimensional perspective that defies convention. Her fabric-first approach champions sustainability, creating maximum volume without excess layering.

It is through the fusion of liquescent, multi-dimensional materials and innovative manipulation methods that Barton achieves a unique modern classicism. Her discerning visual choices, from stylist to photographer to models, lays the foundation for a distinct and modern perspective on American eveningwear, offering arefreshing and unique interpretation.
Kate's Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is boldly experimental rather than referential. With a passionate dedication to the world of transformative textiles, she skillfully employs avant-garde and sustainable methods to imbue her creations with enduring vibrancy. Her innovative draping techniques, which minimize waste by eschewing traditional seams and darts, yield sculptural silhouettes adorned with captivating textural contrasts, all while maintaining a light and airy feel.

The collection introduces a fresh array of separates, coordinated ensembles, and versatile garments, all deeply rooted in the core principles of versatility and durability that underpin her design philosophy. Kate's craftsmanship truly shines through as she sculpts chrome leather accessories and utilizes magnetized detachable garment enhancements, skillfully creating the illusion of metal while ensuring practical wearability.The season introduces crystal-encrusted sculptural belts and accessories, injecting a touch of opulence and whimsy, while seamlessly blending innovation, sustainability, creativity, and unapologetic luxury.
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