Acaria Studio, based in Istanbul and co-founded by Azize Ceylan and Elif Yavuz, focuses on creating discerning fashion with a commitment to environmental and ethical standards. The brand prides itself on being a conscious fashion house dedicated to timeless elegance and structural beauty. Acaria Studio is committed to transforming fashion into a force for positive environmental and social impact.

Their approach includes a meticulous selection of sustainable materials, favoring natural fibers and upcycled fabrics to minimize their environmental footprint. The leather used in their products is sourced to ensure no harm to animals, and they offer a repair service for leather goods to extend their life and reduce waste. Acaria Studio minimizes production runs to cut down on excess production and waste.
Their knitwear collections use 97 percent reused water, reflecting their overall strategy to conserve resources. The brand ensures that all its production processes meet high ethical standards and that every partner in their supply chain is legally compliant and respects workers' rights.

The mission statement of Acaria Studio promises more than sustainability — it's about making conscious choices that benefit the planet and future generations. Their philosophy is evident in every product, aiming to offer fashion that is both beautiful and responsible
Acaria Studio Fall/Winter 2024 Collection
Planète Avant Garde

Acaria Studio's Fall/Winter 2024 collection, "Planète Avant Garde," makes a quiet but profound assertion: luxury fashion and environmental consciousness are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact, vital partners. This season, the Istanbul-based label persists in its endeavor to meld sartorial elegance with sustainable practices, demonstrating that fashion's future must embrace both.

This collection is built upon a foundation of ethically sourced wool. The material is shaped into oversized shirts and sharply tailored suits that feel both modern and timeless—traits that have come to define Acaria's aesthetic. Organic cotton is woven through the collection, offering a soft counterpoint to the structured wool, and infusing the garments with a sense of relaxed elegance.

Vegan silk is crafted into flowing forms that move with grace and purpose. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to no-compromise luxury: opulent yet thical.Meanwhile, Italian leather treated with a semi-vegetal finish not only pushes the boundaries of sustainable fashion but does so with an Italian flair for drama and craftsmanship.

Attention to detail is a quiet chorus throughout the collection, with upcycled buttons and belt buckles acting not just as closures but as declarations of intent. Eachpiece is a reminder of Acaria’ s dedication to reducing waste andenhancing the lifecycle of materials.

"Planète Avant Garde" is an eloquent dialogue between the brand’s language and its forward-thinking ethos. It suggests that avant-garde isn't just a matter of aesthetics or radical design but is also about pioneering new ways to think about the materials and methods of fashion.

The spirit of Diana Vreeland, w ith her bold approach to fashion styling, looms large over the collection. Her legacy is felt in the daring yet refined use of classic pieces adorned with ethnic details and oversized accessories—a nod to her belief that fashion should be an adventure.

Acaria Studio’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a commentary on the state of the world and the role fashion plays within it. "Planète Avant Garde" speaks to those who seek beauty and want to leave a light footprint on the earth. It’s a collection for those who dress not just to express their style but to state their values.
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