KidSuper was created by Colm Dillane.
Although KidSuper is best known as Colm’s clothing label, he prefers to brand all of his creative ventures under this moniker. KidSuper is a creative collective that designs and makes clothes; paints and does art shows; records music; and makes films and music videos, all out of KidSuper’s Brooklyn space.

KidSuper is a platform for Colm’s abounding creativity, and its success has made Colm Dillane an unexpected reference in American fashion. Dillane firmly believes that enthusiasm is contagious, and that whatever you do, giving it the utmost enthusiasm will capture people’s heart. “When you are little, you believe you can do anything and that everything is possible–you’re young and you’re free. KidSuper lives by that philosophy.”

Colm Dillane/KidSuper won the 2021 special Karl Lagerfeld Prize at the prestigious LVMH Prize, the 2022 CDFA /Vogue Fashion Fund, was nominated for the 2 022 CFDA American Emerging Designer of the Year Award, then the following year nominated for the 2023 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award. He was invited to guest design the Louis Vuitton Homme Fall/Winter 2023 Collection and entered the BOF100 list in 2023.
Fall/Winter 2024 Collection

String theory solves the contradictions between Einstein's theory of relativity and Quantum theory.

It claims everything is made of tiny vibrating strings that appear as atoms, electrons and quarks. These strings are folded together in multidimensional layers. At first glance they appear as 1 dimension but on looking closer they have more than 9 dimensions. The KidSuper world works in multiple dimensions.

KidSuper believes that everything is connected, theoretically explainable but not obvious at first glance.

The string theory has never been proven but it inspires constant exploration. Just like a KidSuper show , it is not just a fashion show but an opportunity for us to explore and experiment.
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